Land For Sale In Panama

Find everything from farmland for sale in Alto Boquete, development properties near the main road, lots and commercial spaces in the downtown district of Panama City to private islands and more in Panama’s key areas. Build yourself a house located near the ocean, or create a beach hotel community ideal for tourists – there are plenty of farms, islands and land for sale!

Discover everything from land, lots and commercial spaces to private islands and beachfront properties! Feel free to contact us for more information.

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Buy Land And Islands In Panama

From the Caribbean to the Pacific Ocean, from the mountains to flat land and the center of Panama City – our land & real estate professionals will assist you in finding your next lovely property for sale! Located near the beach in Coronado or the rivers of Boquete & Chiriqui, buy your next farm or lot for sale with Panacrypto. Find and buy a beautiful oceanfront property for sale at prime locations like Panama City, near the beach of Boca Chica, Coronado, Santa Catalina or Pedasi on the Pacific side coast – and Bocas del Toro, San Lorenzo, Playa Blanca, the Azuero Peninsula, Cocle del Norte and Colón in the Caribbean! At Panacrypto you have access to the best island- & ocean front land for sale, as well as unique development properties. Contact Us Today!

panama beachfront property for sale panama

Beachfront Properties & Lots For Sale

Living on a beachfront property in the Gulf of Chiriqui or having an ocean view on your own Caribbean private island near the coast of Isla Colon or Isla Bastimentos is a dream for many – at Panacrypto, it might become a reality. Prices for beach properties and land for sale are still low in Panama, and there is a wide variety of options to choose from. With most towns and cities being located near the beach, having an ocean view from your own beach property is a sound investment. There’s a large amount of vacant land for sale in Panama, ready to be your next development property! No matter if you want to build a house near the town center of Boquete Chiriqui, or want to be surrounded with beautiful trees and nature, putting your focus on land for sale in Alto Boquete is always a good choice. 

Farmland & Land For Sale In Panama

Looking for a large property for sale? Panama offers a wide range of plots, farms, cattle and ranches or even private islands for sale. Farms of the Chiriqui Province, El Valle de Anton and gorgeous Cerro Punta offer their investors fertile soil and perfect conditions for agriculture! Buying a farm, cattle, or land for sale in Panama is the perfect investment opportunity for the long-term:

Due to its location between the Panama Canal and the Pan American Highway, Panama has the most strategic geographical location in all Central America, and land investors will definetely profit in the future. With the development of a well paved main road system that will connect all parts of Panama together, access to previously unattractive locations will soon be given. Find the perfect farm or lot for sale and profit from Panama’s economic development today!

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mountain property for sale panama mountain property
Mountain Properties For Sale

Looking for a classic mountain home, river front home or farm for sale in the countryside? Homes in downtown Boquete, El Valle de Anton or Altos del Maria offer spectacular views and residents enjoy a relatively mild climate year round. Near the town of David or Boquete Chiriqui, there is also plenty of land for sale in the area in order to start a farm or build your own house! Simply buy yourself a property for sale, either remote or located directly near a road or the main highway.


Land & Island - FAQ

Can Foreigners Buy Land In Panama?
Yes. It is legally possible for foreigners to own a titled property in Panama in person. While most investors use a corporation to buy land in Panama, it is absolutely possible to purchase the property yourself! Having a corporation located in Panama is one of the best things you can do in order to protect your assets - ask us more about it! If you have found a lot or lots of property for sale near you that you would like to acquire, feel free to get in touch with us. Our legal experts will be by your side during the entire sale process, and assist you with everything from contracts and payments to title transfer and even a possible Visa application.
Can US Citizens Buy Real Estate In Panama?
Yes. Foreigners are allowed to purchase homes and land in Panama, as the government of welcomes the inflow of foreign investment into the country! A property or lot for sale can be acquired by almost anyone in Panama, as long as the owner's bank accepts the source of funds. Once the property sale is completed, the buyer can proceed to the Visa application. An investment of $300k and above will make you eligable for the Panama Qualified Investor Visa.
Can You Buy Land With Crypto In Panama?
Yes, absolutely. Not only is there a wide range of land for sale to choose from, Panacrypto also gives you the rare opportunity now to buy land with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The sale of a commercial property via crypto follows a lot of almost the same rules as a regular sale. Once the crypto exchange is done, all funds will be released from escrow and sent to the seller - our partnering law firm can then assist you in the title transfer and all neccessary contracts or Visa applications.
Can I Sell Land For Crypto?
Yes, you can sell your land or property for crypto! You can either sell your land directly for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, or sell the land regularly and use the Panacrypto exchange service to get paid in crypto.
Is It Easy To Buy A Property In Panama?
Property purchases in are quite easy - foreign citizens have the same right of investment and residence as Panamanians do! The Panamanian government puts a lot and lots of effort into securing the investments of foreign buyers, as most of the large properties for sale are acquired by expats every year. When buying a property in Panama, it is always good to have a lawyer by your side to double-check all contracts and oversee the title transfer. Every property sale at Panacrypto can be escrow secured for your safety!
Is Panama A Good Place To Buy Real Estate?
Indeed, Panama has a very attractive property market with high returns on investments. There are plenty of real estate options to choose from as well as a lot size of land for sale at various price points. Panama is located between North and South America, and proves to be perfectly located for international trade and commerce. The economic situation of Panama, as well as its focus on securing foreign investment, have made the country a great place for purchasing properties. From a commercial lot for sale in David or Panama City, to land for sale near the beach of Coronado or in the highlands of the Chiriqui Province, Panama's land & real estate market is ripe for investment!


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