Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Panacrypto.


What is Panacrypto?
At Panacrypto, buyers can find the finest luxury items for sale fitted for the Panamanian market. Our listings are carefully curated from reputable business partners from Panama and globally, chosen for their outstanding quality. On this basis, we create a safe, seamless marketplace where discerning buyers and elite sellers are connected effortlessly. In addition, the Panacrypto crypto exchange services allow for buying everything on the platform with cryptocurrencies, secured by one of Panama's best law firms. On the other hand, we're providing Panamanian businesses with the opportunity of connnecting with a unique audience. Rest assured, you're in expert hands.
How can I address the unauthorized promotion of my property listing on Panacrypto?

Steps for property owners or real estate agencies to report unauthorized advertisements of their listings on Panacrypto

Dear valued user Panacrypto provides a secure and safe platform and functions as an online marketplace, connecting buyers with sellers. We do not act as a selling agency ourselves.

Each real estate partner agency manages its own portfolio on our platform. Due to our policies, we do not have the authority to modify or delete listings without substantial legal justification. However, we do have a straightforward process for handling unauthorized listings.

Your first course of action should be to reach out to the responsible agency. As the seller’s contact info cannot be found on the listing pages directly, we are happy to connect you to the respective seller. You can either make an inquiry directly on the page where you found your listing or notify us at officepanacrypto.com.

Please let us know if you get a negative response so we can contact the agency for clarification. If the agency remains uncooperative, we will request one of the following legal documents from you:

1) Document verifying property ownership (for owners)

2) A valid exclusivity contract (for agencies)

We also accept formal complaints registered with local law enforcement agencies.
Upon receiving these, we will initiate an investigation and proceed with necessary actions to remove the listing.

It’s worth noting that if multiple agencies list the same property due to the homeowner’s decision, we are unable to intervene.

Additionally, if you notice a “sold” listing that remains active, it could be a simple technological oversight due to a delayed portfolio update. We recommend verifying this with the listing agency before filing a formal complaint.

If you have further questions or need additional clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Your Customer Support Team

Is Panacrypto involved in my transaction?

For standard transactions like the purchase of a property, car, jewelry or rentals, we just help putting seller and buyer together, the rest is up to you.

For purchases with crypto, we are directly involved in the transaction. Upon receiving the cryptocurrencies, we make the exchange to USD under escrow through our OTC desk and the amount is forwarded directly to the seller to ensure a timely and cost-efficient handling of the funds.

Is it safe to make high-value purchases on Panacrypto?

At Panacrypto, we prioritize your security and peace of mind when engaging in high-value transactions. Our affiliated dealers are highly experienced in facilitating secure, global transactions—including shipping, insurance, and payment handling. For personalized assistance, we encourage you to communicate directly with these professionals.

We are committed to maintaining the integrity of listings on our platform. All dealers undergo a rigorous vetting process to ensure credibility and authenticity. Rest assured, we go to great lengths to create a trustworthy and safe marketplace for our clients.

For questions on transactions involving Panacrypto or if you have any additional questions and need further clarification, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Support Team at [email protected].

How can I find out about shipping costs?
Our dealers are well equipped to answer questions about shipping, insurance and payment. Contact us for the listing you are interested in and we’ll either be happy to help you right away, will gather the necessary information or put you in direct contact with the seller depending on the item. Shipping times will vary widely depending on the current location of the asset and possible import regulations.
Is there any guarantee on my products?
All brand-new vehicles, watches and jewellery come with their factory warranty, which can range from 6-24 months depending on the manufacturer. Therefore, the guarantee is within the responsibility of our supplier/manufacturer and we are not responsible for any delays in a guarantee procedure. Please kindly get in touch with us to confirm the current status of the item or about product specific warranty details before placing an order.
Can I partly purchase a product with crypto?
Yes, you can make the payment in part in crypto and the other part in fiat.
Is the crypto payment process safe for me?
Yes. As many crypto companies in the past have made mistakes concerning security and trustworthiness, we decided to work with Kraemer&Kraemer Law in Panama as our licensed fiduciary partner. Therefore, your funds are safe in an escrow account during the exchange process.
Is there a KYC for my purchase?
We adhere to the international standards of KYC, AML and ATF. For transaction volumes over $10,000, the KYC will include a copy of your passport and address proof.

Real Estate

I want to buy real estate or cars with crypto in another country in Central America. Can you help?
We do not explicitely offer real estate or cars in neighbouring countries, but from time to time get the request to conduct the crypto payment or import of a car. It will take us longer to provide you with an exact quote in other countries, but have always been able to find a solution to your problems. Contact us now and we will happily consult you.
I want to buy real estate that is not listed or available in crypto yet. What can I do?
Most real estate agencies know about Panacrypto already and we have good realtions to most of them. We will be happy to connect with your real estate agent and handle the crypto payment process for you.
Can I take a tour of the real estate I am interested in first?
Of course. Just contact us and we will connect you with the real estate agent of the property to schedule a visit.
Can I buy real estate online without coming to Panama?
Yes, you can buy real estate in Panama without being physically present. Our partnering law office will handle all formalities.
Can you help me with using my real estate as an investment?
Yes, and no. We will help you find the optimal property for investment purposes (AirBNB, BNB, Hotels, Hostels, Restaurants), but we do not offer property management.


I want to buy a car that I don't see on the platform. What can I do?
We work with various luxury car dealerships in the USA, UAE and Germany. Once you have provided the details of what car you are interested in, we can provide you a quote for importing the car (sales price + customs duty and taxes).
Can I see / test drive my car first?
Cars that are already at a dealership of one of our partners can be examined and taken for a test drive as usual before the purchase is made. For the more exclusive cars however, it will be determined on a case-by-case basis, as most of them will be imported from Carlifornia, Miami or Dubai. If you already have a car of your liking in mind, feel free to contact us anytime and we will check for you, whether the vehicle can be taken on a test drive.
I want to buy a luxury car that has to be imported from another country, how much does it cost?
Most of our inventory of cars will be imported on request, as the aggregate demand for such exclusive vehicles is quite low in Panama. As the costs of importing a car differ depending on the country of origin and also over time, we do not incorporate the fees for customs, taxes et cetera. If you want to receive a precise quote, send us an inquiry with the exact car you want to purchase. You can just send us the link to one of the cars listed on Panacrypto, or tell us the brand, model and make.
How does the purchase of a boat work?
Your purchased boat can be transported or shipped directly to the port of your choice world-wide. If applicable, the delivery fee will be set by Panacrypto's marina partner offering the boat.
I want to buy a Jetski in Panama. Where do I pick it up?
Some of our jetskis are ready for pickup in Panama City. For a small additional charge, we will deliver the jetski to your preferred location in Panama. If the Jetski is not availbale locally, it will be delivered from the USA to your location of choice (no pick-up!).
Can I rent a car with a designated driver or tour guide?
Yes, we offer a limousine service with driver for your company travels or private tours thorugh Panama. This is excellent for small teams travelling Panama where everyone wants to be able to focus on the beautiful nature and culture instead of having to keep the eyes on the most often rather bumpy roads. Contact us anytime if you want to know more about our different rates depending on the car type, travel distance and individual requirements.

Exchange Services

What is the minimum amount to use Panacrypto's crypto OTC exchange services?
We offer the OTC exchange service for transactions with a volume starting at 50,000USD. This is due to national regulatory hurdles which require a more complex banking structure and exchange network to facilitate crypto transactions.
Does Panacrypto use one of the major crypto exchanges like Binance or Coinbase?
No, we do not use or compete with conventional exchanges like Binance. The exchange at Panacrypto is conducted OTC (over-the-counter) designated for high-volume transactions. Hereby, liquidity to facilitate transactions immediately and cost-effectively is ensured. Additionally, very high-volume transactions via OTC do not affect the prices quoted on exchanges. Therefore if a large sum of a certain cryptocurrency is sold, the seller does not need to worry about the securities price dropping if his sell order outmatches the buy orders in the orderbook. Big institutions like banks or hedgefonds also often use OTC exchanges for the same reasons.
Can I make transaction lower than the minimum required transaction volume?
We do not advertise our exchange services for amounts lower than 50,000USD, because the fees increase unproportionally with a decreasing transaction volume making advertising uncompetitive. However, if you are willing to pay high fees for a secure and private transaction, we can make you a personallized offer for your preferred sum upon request.
How long until I receive my exchanged funds?
When selling crypto, you will receive your funds (in USD) after 3-5 business days. When buying crypto via WIRE-transfer, you receive the crypto on the same day (<$100,000) or within 2 business days (>$100,000).