10 Lakeside Lots in Bocas del Toro

Total Price: $ 100,000


$ 100,000

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Basic Facts About The Lakeside Lots

These lovely lakeside lots are centrally located and road accessible, on the main island of the Bocas del Toro archipelago. They are connected to municipal power and water, to make building your island home a breeze. Steps from the beach, they are buffered from the salty sea breeze, while still enjoying a fresh waterfront feel.

The lake which these lots border is called the Big Creek Reservoir, which holds the water supply for every Bocas resident who doesn’t collect rain. It attracts wildlife from its forested borders, monkeys, exotic birds and Christ Lizards are often seen on its shores. The lots are located at a beautiful curve in lakeside road offering the majority of the lots ample lake frontage and pretty views of the serene resevoir.

Big Creek is a great residential area because of its accessibility to Bocas Town which is only 10 minutes away. It is just outside the down town peninsula, meaning no traffic and extra tranquility. Set back from the Island’s main road, the lots are only minutes from the swimmable beaches of Big Creek, and surfable beaches of Paunch.


The Lots

Something for every budget, building your dream home on Isla Colon is possible without breaking the bank. The parcels are a manageable size you can double up if you need more space. The lots vary between wooded and pre-cleared. Lots 1 through 9 are adjacent to one another and the layout is visible in our photo gallery. Note that Lot 1, 8, and 9 do not have lakefrontage. Lot 10 is separate from the other 9. Check the size and price list below:

Lot 1 2158m2 194,000$ USD- not lakeside

Lot 2 1394m2 125,000$ USD- 40.48 m of lakefront

Lot 3 1536m2 191,000$ USD- 72.6 m of lakefront

Lot 4 1442m2 173,000$ USD- 22 m of lakefront

Lot 5 1296m2 155,000$ USD- 28m of lakefront

Lot 6 1137m2 136,000$ USD- 22m of lakefront

Lot 7 1106m2 132,000$ USD- 22m of lakefront

Lot 8 1358m2 108,000$ USD- not lakeside

Lot 9 1329m2 106,000$ USD- no lakeside

Lot 10 2834 m2 195,000$ USD- 40 m of lakefront

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