Santa Rita Mirador Chiriqui Farm With 2 Bedroom Home

Total Price: $ 115,000


$ 115,000

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Basic Facts About The Santa Rita Mirador Property

It is highly unlikely that your search for real estate in Panama would lead you to Santa Rita, Chiriqui, unless the brother of your plumber’s son in law told you about this must see riverfront property with views of Volcan Baru and the Rio Piedra river canyon. Luckily for you, we have such connections, and we are more than happy to share!


The Area

Santa Rita is so perfectly off-the-beaten-path, and insulated by a tight knit community, who often travel by horseback! Surrounded by gorgeous farm land, Santa Rita is only 40 minutes from David and Boquete, and half an hour from Volcan. At 761 meters altitude, this river valley experiences cool nights and temperate climate all year round. The settlement sits at the base of a gravel road which leads high up into the cloud forests of Volcan Baru.

The Dream

The Santa Rita Mirador Property is perfect for a private home:

Imagine your home with views in a quiet farming town, steps from cool river pools, and plenty of backroads to keep you entertained. Lots of land to garden, and only 40 minutes from the city!


The Land

This dynamic property is just shy of one hectare, beginning at the gated entrance from the road, climbing up the driveway to the home site where the most majestic views are located, then back down the other side to a flat meadow with a trail to the river.

At the entrance of the property there is a small home built which could serve as a guest house, storage or a workshop. The driveway is long and wide, and much of the space could be terraced for fruit and vegetable gardens.

The home at the top is one level, on a concrete foundation with 3 small rooms, a kitchen and a living area. Behind it are covered spaces for livestock, and beyond them the plateau with the views extends to the end of the property.

A path from the end of the plateau leads down to the grassy meadow, where baby cows have been raised, and from there a steep path leads down to the river. ( currently it is easier to reach the river pools below by walking down the road to the bridge and entering there)

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