Cloud Forest Lots On The Quetzal Trail

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$ 375,000

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Basic facts about the cloud forest lots in Cerro Punta

Cerro Punta is known as the bread basket of Panama as it produces a huge percent of the fruit and vegetables that feed the country. The region has been exploited for its rich soils and cool climate which support the growth of some staple items that don’t do well in the usual tropical environments. It seems the only thing that stops the neat rows of the vegetable fields and the bulging greenhouses are the limits of the Volcan Baru National Park.

Encircling the pinnacle of Volcan Baru, the park is an essential habitat for endemic highland and migrating birds and acts as a wildlife corridor linking the Highlands of Chiriqui to the International Park Amistad, shared by Panama and Costa Rica. It is just beyond the border of this majestic cloud forest park, where we find 4 of the last wooded hectares of Cerro Punta.

The Environment

The lots are precious ecosystems in their own right, and prove to be an integral location for one of the world’s most majestic birds- the Resplendent Quetzal! A gorgeous Trogan who lures birders and nature enthusiasts from around the world, for just a glimpse of his elegant tail feathers and somber mating call. The Quetzal, a cloud forest specialist, is considered near threatened on the IUCN Red List, with habitat destruction being the main threat due to deforestation, forest fragmentation, and agricultural clearing..

The Dream

The Cloud Forest Lots of Cerro Punta are perfect for the conservationist:

When looking at an aerial photograph of the region, it doesn’t take an expert to see the strategic importance of the three lots, some of the last forested space which connects Volcan Baru reserve to Park Amistad. The corridor has already been chipped away by onion fields and is seemingly hanging on by a thread of private forest.

The Cloud Forest lots of Cerro Punta are perfect for Eco-Tourism:

Bought together, the more than 3 hectares would be plenty of space for a few cozy cabins and a place to refuel for hikers who need a warm shower and laundry!

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