Enchanting Riverside Lot in Bajo Mono

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$ 235,000

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Basic Facts About The Riverside Lots

The base of the Lost Waterfall Trail in Bajo Mono Boquete. This secret lot is riverfront and accessible via a walking bridge adding to the fairytale feel of this offgrid gem!

The Lost Waterfall trail is among the most popular hikes in the Boquete region, an area known for its cool climate, cloud forests and extreme biodiversity. A must see on the tourist circuit, full to the brim with fabulous restaurants and farmer’s markets, Boquete is a comfortable destination for Western travelers, and immigrants.

With a high density “Expat” population, Boquete boasts the comforts of most North American towns, but the secret hideout is just far enough from town to truly connect with nature. Though electricity cables are on their way, and the foot path bridge is scheduled for a renovation, The Enchanting Riverside Lot in Bajo Mono will never lose its exclusive charm.


The Land

After crossing the little suspension bridge, one would follow the foot/horse path about 150 meters, at which point the 6653 m2 lot begins to stretch its way along the riverside. The land sits high, elevated 3 meters above the river, it is beautifully wooded and has a little trail running through!

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