The Rise of Santa Maria as Panama’s Premier Golf Community

Santa Maria stands out as a symbol of luxury and recreation for passionate golf enthusiasts. With renowned tournaments and recognition highlighting its excellence, Santa Maria has unquestionably ascended as a leading golf destination. Yet, its appeal extends beyond the greens, offering a sought-after lifestyle—a golfer’s paradise where luxurious homes harmonize with top-notch amenities, ensuring a serene and indulgent existence. Come with us as we uncover the charm of Santa Maria, delving into its prestigious tournaments, extravagant residential choices, and unmatched facilities that solidify its status as Panama’s premier sanctuary for golf aficionados.


  1. Santa Maria: A Premier Golf Destination
  2. Prestigious Golf Tournaments
  3. Living in Santa Maria: A Golfer’s Paradise
  4. Amenities and Lifestyle
  5. Conclusion



Santa Maria: A Premier Golf Destination

Distrito de Santa María is located near Costa del Este and stands as a unique gated community epitomizing luxury, tranquility, and security. It has become Panama City’s premier destination for exclusive golfing, revolutionizing the local real estate market by introducing a gated, master-planned golf course community with a diverse range of upscale homes for sale. Boasting an array of community amenities and the renowned Santa Maria Golf and Country Club, designed by the iconic Jack Nicklaus of Nicklaus Design, Santa Maria has evolved into a coveted option for investors and second home buyers, with new projects underway that redefine the country club experience in Panama City.


Every year, tourists flock to Panama for its captivating beauty, vibrant entertainment scene, and unparalleled ambiance. Among its attractions, the Santa Maria Golf and Country Club stands out, boasting breathtaking residences, picturesque parks, serene lakes, and an array of on-site activities. Within its grounds, guests can indulge in the luxury of a five-star hotel, plaza, and exclusive club. More than just a golf destination, Santa Maria offers a resort experience with exquisite amenities. Renowned as the “neighborhood where everyone wants to live,” Santa Maria epitomizes elite class, status, security, and exceptional quality of life.


Prestigious Golf Tournaments

The Santa Maria Golf & Country Club has swiftly ascended as Panama’s premier golf destination, a feat underscored by its selection to host prestigious tournaments and recognition through esteemed accolades. The Santa Maria Golf & Country Club’s prominence on the global stage is highlighted by its selection as the host venue for the 2024 Latin America Amateur Championship (LAAC). This event is not just a tournament; it’s a celebration of amateur golf’s burgeoning talent across South America, Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The LAAC, since its inception in 2014 by The Masters Tournament, The R&A, and the USGA, has served as a crucial platform for amateur golfers in the region, offering winners entry into some of the world’s most prestigious golf tournaments, including The Masters Tournament and the U.S. Open.


The 2024 LAAC at Santa Maria Golf Club not only marked the event’s return to Panama for the second time in its history but also its debut at this esteemed venue. This underscores the club’s excellence and readiness to host events of significant international regard. The tournament showcased the course’s challenging layout, offering competitors a test of skill amidst breathtaking views of Panama City’s skyline​​.  Apart from the well-publicized 2024 Latin America Amateur Championship (LAAC), Santa Maria Golf & Country Club in Panama also hosted the inaugural AJGA (American Junior Golf Association) Panama Junior presented by St. Georges Bank. This event, which took place from January 18-21, 2023, marked the first AJGA tournament held in Panama.



Living in Santa Maria: A Golfer’s Paradise

Santa Maria stands out as a paradise for golfers, blending luxury with verdant greens in a harmonious ensemble. This private haven not only provides a gateway to unmatched golfing adventures but also assures a life of luxury within stunning homes designed to fulfill the desires of contemporary golf enthusiasts. Here are some of the luxurious residences in Santa Maria.


LA MAISON by Fendi Casa

La Maison by Fendi Casa stands as the pinnacle of luxury living within its sixty-one-story high-rise, starting at $950,000. These opulent residences boast the iconic Fendi touch, featuring expansive living and dining spaces, modern open kitchens with islands, en-suite bedrooms with walk-in closets, and a host of deluxe amenities. As the tallest tower in the community, LA MAISON sets a new standard for residential grandeur with its avant-garde design and Fendi Casa’s seamless blend of style and practicality. With sweeping vistas, a double-height lobby, concierge services, top-tier security, and exclusive amenities, residents revel in unparalleled luxury. Moreover, ample parking and private storage ensure a harmonious fusion of sophistication, comfort, and convenience in one of Panama City’s most esteemed neighborhoods.


Empire Residences

Empire Residences stands tall as a remarkable 48-level modern tower offering opulent living spaces spanning from 322 m2 to 367m2. Crafted by renowned architect Saul Bassan, each apartment showcases balconies that command stunning vistas of the golf course and the sea. Positioned a mere fifteen minutes from the city center and adjacent to Costa del Este, it harmonizes nature and urbanity seamlessly. Boasting premier amenities such as a gym, swimming pool, children’s playroom, and expansive social areas, Empire Residences also presents exclusive private lobbies and high-speed elevators. With cutting-edge security features, including biometric access, and enveloped by the splendid 18-hole Nicklaus Design golf course, Empire Residences epitomizes luxury and sophistication, making it a prestigious residence choice in the heart of Panama City, starting at $439,500.



Amenities and Lifestyle

Santa Maria isn’t just a golfer’s dream—it’s a vibrant community where luxury and leisure converge, offering amenities that cater to every facet of high-end living and well-being. Here are the amenities that residents can benefit from while living in Santa Maria.


  • Business District
    The Santa María Business District boasts a prime location, offering convenient access via two routes to its contemporary amenities, situated between the Corredor Sur, Chanis, and Llano Bonito exits. It hosts a plethora of multinational corporations, office spaces, and distribution centers, forming a dynamic hub for business and commerce.


  • Country Club
    The Santa María Country Club, surrounded by greenery and with multiple open spaces, sets a unique standard in Panama. A design that meets all expectations, created by the best architects, designers and consultants specialized in sports and social clubs. The Country Club is a complete Wellness center. Currently it has 3 Tennis Courts, 6 Paddle Courts, and more.


  • Prestigious Schools
    Santa Maria houses several esteemed educational institutions like the Knightsbridge Schools International Panama and the International School of Panama. Additionally, the area offers convenient access to leading universities, providing top-tier higher education opportunities.


  • Shopping
    Residents of Santa Maria have access to Panama City’s diverse shopping destinations the Multiplaza Mall and nearby Atrio Mall. Additionally, the exclusive area of Santa Maria itself is home to an array of unique boutiques and shops, offering a personalized shopping experience to satisfy all tastes and preferences.


  • Transport
    Residents enjoy quick and direct access to the city center and Tocumen International Airport.  Additionally, the Santa Maria area is well-connected by a reliable bus network, facilitating easy and efficient commuting for those who prefer public transportation.


  • Restaurants
    Santa Maria’s culinary scene caters to all tastes, showcasing Panama City’s finest dining options. Mestizo stands out with its fusion cuisine blending local and global flavors. Upscale restaurants offer Mediterranean-inspired dishes alongside authentic local fare. Cafes and bistros provide artisanal coffee and delightful snacks in a warm ambiance.


  • Healthcare Facility
    Santa Maria area houses numerous specialized doctors and clinics, equipped to provide advanced diagnostics and targeted medical treatments, ensuring comprehensive healthcare options. Nearby is the renowned Pacifica Salud Hospital, an affiliate of Johns Hopkins Medicine International, known for its outstanding medical care. Nearby specialized centers such as Centro Médico Santa María and Hospital Punta Pacifica offer a variety of specialized treatments and extensive healthcare services.



In conclusion, Santa Maria epitomizes the pinnacle of luxury and leisure for golf enthusiasts. Its renowned tournaments and accolades underscore its status as a premier golf destination. Beyond golf, Santa Maria offers a coveted lifestyle, where opulent residences and top-tier amenities create a haven of indulgence. With its prestigious tournaments, lavish living options, and unparalleled facilities, Santa Maria solidifies its place as Panama’s ultimate sanctuary for golf aficionados. Come experience the allure of Santa Maria—a destination where luxury and recreation converge seamlessly, promising an unparalleled experience for all who seek it.

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