The Ultimate Guide to Living in El Cangrejo

Explore El Cangrejo with us as we uncover everything you need to know about this vibrant neighborhood—from living costs and real estate insights to safety and local culture. Discover five reasons why El Cangrejo could be the perfect place for your new home, as we guide you through the essentials of urban living in this close-knit community.



Life in El Cangrejo

El Cangrejo presents a picture of urban life, marked by its distinctive layout, vibrant cultural mosaic, and exceptional connectivity. The neighborhood’s urban planning is as unique as its name, which translates to “The Crab”, with its main avenues and streets extending like the limbs of a crustacean. This design is not only symbolic but also functional, facilitating ease of movement within the area. The central part of the neighborhood often referred to as the body of the crab, is a bustling hub of activity, surrounded by “legs” that comprise residential and commercial streets. This configuration gives El Cangrejo a distinct character, blending architectural diversity with green spaces and public areas. The sense of community in El Cangrejo is profound. Its welcoming residents and varied expatriate population create an inclusive and lively atmosphere that makes you feel right at home. The neighborhood’s central location provides excellent connectivity to other parts of the city, with convenient public transportation options such as the metro and multiple bus lines and easy access to major highways. Whether you’re looking for nightlife, green spaces, or a thriving cultural scene El Cangrejo offers it all.


If you have a passion for architecture, residing in this neighborhood will surely captivate you. This area of Panama stands out for its preservation of modern architectural styles, boasting buildings reminiscent of the 1950s that are still actively used today. Lined with charming trees, the streets offer excellent walkability, while a diverse range of local coffee shops and restaurants eagerly await exploration. Among the notable streets in El Cangrejo is Via Argentina, renowned for its international dining options, lively karaoke bars, and authentic Panamanian establishments like El Trapiche. Additionally, specialty rum bars like Pedro Mandinga beckon with enticing cocktails, perfect for unwinding after a day of exploration. Undoubtedly, a focal point of social activity in El Cangrejo is Andres Bello Park, hosting concerts, farmers markets, and various other events, many of which are complimentary. The park also features a dedicated area for dogs, ensuring furry companions can join in the fun, while a variety of local refreshments are readily available to enhance the experience.



Living Costs in El Cangrejo

Living in El Cangrejo, Panama City presents a unique blend of affordability and urban convenience. This vibrant neighborhood offers a cost-effective option for those seeking the cultural richness and amenities of city life without the steep price tag often found in metropolitan areas. Whether dining out, utilizing public transportation, or engaging in leisure activities, El Cangrejo provides an affordable lifestyle with the charm of Panama City’s dynamic urban scene. Here’s an overview of the expenses you might encounter:

Category Cost
Dining Out (Whether for a date night or business dinner) $22
Cappuccino at a Local Coffee $3.72
Beer at a Bar $2.50
Standard Apartment for Sale (price per m2) $1,645
Standard Apartment for Rent (price per m2) $8.67
Luxury Apartment for Sale (price per m2) $2,700
Luxury Apartment for Rent (price per m2) $12.8


5 Reasons to Live in El Cangrejo

El Cangrejo maintains its status as one of the most sought-after residential areas. Situated just moments away from the nation’s financial hub, this neighborhood provides convenient access to amenities and services within a wholly residential, contemporary, and upscale setting. Here are five compelling reasons why El Cangrejo stands out as the ideal choice for residence.


  1. Exceptional Educational Institutions
    El Cangrejo stands out for its diverse academic offerings, boasting esteemed schools like La Salle, The Lincoln Academy, and the Canadian International School. Additionally, it enjoys proximity to reputable universities and higher education institutes, including the University of Panama, the Latin American University of Foreign Trade, Ganexa Art University, the Higher Institute of Haute Cuisine (ISAC), and the Metropolitan University of Education, Science, and Technology (UMECIT), among others.


  1. Green Spaces, Walkways and Plazas
    Adding to the allure of El Cangrejo’s modernity are its recreational amenities such as theaters, plazas, and parks. Benito Juárez Park is a popular choice due to its diverse offerings, from providing an ideal spot for a romantic afternoon picnic to hosting rejuvenating yoga sessions. For those inclined towards more active pursuits, Andrés Bello Park provides an excellent alternative. Recently renovated and equipped with amenities for all age groups, it features designated spaces for sports activities and outdoor cultural events.


  1. Primary Theatres in the Region
    El Cangrejo is an ideal neighborhood for those who appreciate theater. Boasting Panama’s most renowned theaters such as the Station Theater and the ABA Theater, it provides a distinctive theatrical scene. Moreover, the neighborhood’s vibrancy extends into the night with its renowned Plaza Einstein, where numerous cafes thrive, alongside proximity to Panama’s finest international bars and restaurants.


  1. Bars, Cafes and Restaurants
    El Cangrejo boasts the revitalized Via Argentina as one of its outstanding features. This modern boulevard in Panama City offers pedestrians a delightful stroll through the neighborhood, showcasing the finest culinary delights in the capital. Among the top choices are La Rana Dorada, New York Bagel Café, and Live & Karaoke Restaurant, all renowned for their popularity and quality offerings.


  1. Stores, Workspaces, and Access to the Financial District
    Adjacent to Obarrio, El Cangrejo offers the benefits of residing in a residential neighborhood just moments away from the primary employment hub of the city: the banking district. As the central business district of the capital, it hosts prominent office towers, upscale shopping centers, and international hotels, making it an exceptional employment market for professionals across various industries.



Real Estate in El Cangrejo: Investors’ Guide

El Cangrejo offers a diverse real estate market that caters to a range of preferences and budgets. Its real estate landscape is as varied, from historical buildings that reflect its rich past to modern condominiums boasting the latest amenities, the neighborhood offers a unique mix of old and new. The types of properties available in El Cangrejo range from apartments and penthouses to commercial spaces and offices. Buyers can find everything from cozy, remodeled lofts to spacious luxury condos.


One of the best apartment buildings in El Cangrejo is P.H. Van Gogh, which boasts contemporary living spaces characterized by modern design and superior construction quality. These apartments feature a variety of floor plans, with multiple floors dedicated to amenities. Property prices in El Cangrejo can vary considerably based on factors such as type, size, and location, and there are also older, spacious apartments with diverse amenities on offer. Beyond its real estate options, El Cangrejo offers a desirable lifestyle to its residents. The neighborhood enjoys excellent connectivity to other parts of the city, with popular areas like Obarrio and Punta Paitilla just a short walk away. Additionally, El Cangrejo is conveniently located approximately 30 minutes by car from Tocumen International Airport and an hour’s drive from the nearest beach, making it an attractive choice for those seeking convenience and accessibility.



Is El Cangrejo a Safe Area?

Yes, El Cangrejo is considered as one of the safer neighborhoods in Panama City. The community-centric approach to safety in El Cangrejo is exemplified by Parque Andrés Bello, which not only acts as a social hub but also features a police substation within the park. This presence of law enforcement adds an extra layer of security, ensuring the park and the surrounding area remain safe for residents and visitors alike. Despite its lively nightlife and status as a destination for dining and entertainment, El Cangrejo manages to maintain a safe atmosphere. The area’s restaurants, bars, and clubs are popular among locals and expats, with safety being a top priority. Visitors should to stay aware of their surroundings and exercise common sense though, especially at night. Using reputable transportation services like Uber can enhance personal safety when navigating the neighborhood. Expats and residents often share that they feel safer in El Cangrejo than in many other cities around the world. The consensus among locals and long-term expats is that by choosing to reside in or visit well-regarded neighborhoods like El Cangrejo, and by employing basic urban safety strategies, one can enjoy all that Panama City has to offer with minimal concern.



In conclusion, living in El Cangrejo offers a multifaceted urban experience defined by its rich culture, strong community bonds, and excellent connectivity. By exploring living costs, compelling reasons to reside in this neighborhood, real estate insights, and safety measures, we’ve provided a comprehensive guide for prospective residents. Whether you’re seeking vibrant city living or a wise investment opportunity, El Cangrejo stands out as an enticing destination. Embrace the essence of this dynamic locale, where every street corner holds the promise of a fulfilling urban lifestyle. Your journey to discovering El Cangrejo starts here – make it your next home.

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