The Launch of Panama’s New Cruise Terminal

Discover Panama’s latest gem: the new cruise terminal at the canal’s entrance, a state-of-the-art hub designed to revolutionize travel and boost the local economy. Capable of hosting two cruise ships at once and offering unparalleled amenities, this terminal is set to redefine Panama City’s maritime appeal. Dive into the features and benefits of this exciting new development with us


The New Cruise Terminal at the Mouth of the Canal

In 2016, Panama broke the news of a stimulating innovative development that was planned for the Amador Causeway. The development was a contemporary cruise terminal comparable to that of which you’d find in Miami. The terminal, called Fuerte Amador, would be capable of docking two full cruise ships up to 380 meters in length, being the first of its kind in Panama City.

Panama formally inaugurated a new cruise ship terminal at the entrance of the Panama Canal, amidst concerns over low water levels due to drought conditions. Constructed in Panama City by a consortium led by China Harbor Engineering Company, the terminal embodies an investment exceeding US$200 million. The new terminal would enable the development of new tourist routes, thereby enticing more visitors to Panama.

The terminal represents a pioneering development on the Pacific coast of Panama, complementing an established terminal located in the Caribbean city of Colon. According to Denise Guillen the General Administrator of the Panama Tourism Authority, Panama witnessed an important increase in cruise tourists in 2023, reaching 320,000 visitors, doubling the figures from the previous year. The inauguration of the terminal coincides with efforts to address the challenges posed by record-low water levels in the Panama Canal, which have constrained the passage of ships.



Benefits of New Cruise Ship Terminal

The government tourism administration says that the terminal will help improve the cruise industry and the tourism sector at a national and international level since it will become the first cruise port constructed in the Pacific sector, which positions Panama as a strategic tourism hub. Arriving at the unique destination of Amador Causeway, with its abundance of restaurants and amenities and proximity to the city center, makes this development stand out for its potential impact on tourism and local businesses. Being built practically together with the construction of a direct highway from Cinta Costera towards Amador Causeway, this project is a key player in boosting Panama’s economy by offering a new tourist destination to international travelers, thus attracting thousands of visitors.



Capacity of the New Cruise Terminal

The new cruise terminal will be able to lodge two 360-meter-long vessels with a maximum passenger capacity of 5,000 passengers. The New Terminal Cruise is just 15 kilometers from the center of Panama City, which makes it convenient for tourists to be able to experience all the amenities and get to know the country’s capital. The Terminal is based on a perception of home ports, that is to say, that tourists can come to Panama and board their cruise ships.


The highest quality and safety standards are integrated in this development. This capability stems from the expansive total area of 88 hectares, with dimensions of 343 meters in length and 36 meters in width. In addition to featuring a singular terminal, the development boasts a plethora of amenities including nature reserve areas, extensive parking facilities, diverse shopping options, dining establishments, and cutting-edge technology, among other user attractions. With state-of-the-art land and sea facilities, the terminal provides passengers and cruise operators with an exceptional experience during their stay and tours.




As Panama welcomes its new cruise terminal, we witness a milestone in maritime innovation. Positioned at the canal’s mouth, this terminal not only enhances travel experiences but also catalyzes economic growth. With its capacity to host two full cruise ships and its unmatched facilities, it solidifies Panama City’s position as a premier destination. From boosting tourism to facilitating smoother operations, the benefits are abundant. With its promise of efficiency and convenience, the launch of Panama’s new cruise terminal sets a course for a brighter, more prosperous future for Panama’s economy.

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