Why Costa del Este is becoming Panama’s New Real Estate Hotspot

Dive into the dynamic landscape of Panama’s real estate market as we uncover why Costa del Este is swiftly emerging as the new hotspot for investors. Situated as Panama’s corporate hub, this vibrant neighborhood is not just a place to reside but a lucrative opportunity waiting to be seized. From prime investment prospects to luxurious living options, Costa del Este offers a blend of sophistication and convenience that’s capturing the attention of both local and international buyers. Join us as we navigate through the best areas to invest, explore the unparalleled amenities and lifestyle offerings, and delve into the robust rental demand that underpins the allure of Costa del Este.


  1. Costa del Este: Panama’s Corporate Hub
  2. Investing in Costa del Este
  3. The Best Buildings in Costa Del Este
  4. Amenities and Lifestyle
  5. Strong Rental Demand for Investors
  6. Conclusion



Costa del Este: Panama’s Corporate Hub

Costa del Este is a master-planned suburb that attracts significant attention from some of Panama’s leading developers, who are actively constructing residential homes, apartment buildings, and commercial spaces. Costa del Este’s development into one of Panama City’s most extensive real estate projects underscores its appeal. With underground wiring, gated residential areas, and modern infrastructure, the neighborhood provides a high-value living environment. Its strategic location, complete with a business-friendly ecosystem, has attracted a plethora of companies like Adidas, Procter & Gamble, Nestle, National Brewery, S.A., Copa Airlines, DHL Panama, S.A., Diageo Panama, S.A., Deloitte, Inc., and several other companies have established offices in this area to capitalize on the convenient access to the airport and the proximity to the Panama Canal. As a result, Costa del Este has emerged as the primary business center for both Central and South America.


It is increasingly becoming the favored residential locale for expatriate professionals moving to Panama City seeking employment prospects with a multitude of multinational companies. Although Costa del Este real estate is among the priciest in Panama City, there remains a strong demand for properties in the area. Moreover, the district hosts top-tier projects like Plaza del Este, designed specifically for world-class corporations seeking excellence and a strategic location. These projects not only offer modern and efficient commercial spaces but are also developed with environmental considerations, as evidenced by LEED GOLD Certification for sustainable design. In essence, Costa del Este offers a compelling mix of strategic advantages for businesses and a high-quality lifestyle for residents. This unique combination of corporate and residential appeal, bolstered by supportive legislation and infrastructure development, positions Costa del Este as a growing real estate hotspot in Panama.


Investing in Costa del Este

Costa del Este, a modern and upscale area in Panama City, stands out as a highly attractive location for property buyers. What distinguishes this real estate market from others is its meticulously designed urban layout, seamlessly integrating commercial, residential, and recreational areas. This comprehensive planning is unique, especially when you compare it to other areas in Panama City, which often grew more organically and can lack this level of integration. Costa del Este has been a magnet for those seeking a blend of city life with a touch of suburban tranquility.  The rise in its popularity isn’t just a passing trend. The ongoing progress of upscale residential ventures, commercial hubs, and retail amenities indicates that the buzz surrounding Costa del Este is enduring.


Buyers aren’t just drawn in by the physical attributes of the area; its strategic positioning near the city center and Tocumen International Airport adds to its allure, catering to both business and leisure needs. However, like any locale, Costa del Este has its downsides. Its appeal—modern infrastructures, luxurious amenities, and elevated living standards—also translates to steep property costs, potentially limiting its accessibility to a wider buyer demographic. Moreover, the rapid expansion raises worries about traffic congestion, particularly during peak times, as it gains popularity as a residential and commercial hub.



The Best Buildings in Costa Del Este

In Costa del Este few residential towers stand out, redefining luxury and architectural innovation. These premier buildings offer a harmonious blend of modern amenities and breathtaking views, setting a new standard for upscale living in one of Panama’s most sought-after neighborhoods. Below are the best luxurious residential buildings in Costa del Este.


  • PH Nogal
    P.H. Nogal is crafted by the acclaimed MALLOL & MALLOL architects, this development is notable for its airy, sun-drenched apartments that boast expansive balconies, and offer a selection of one and two-bedroom configurations, along with contemporary conveniences with a starting price of $400,000. The tower, rising 41 levels with 32 floors dedicated to residential units, presents options of 100m2, 122m2, or 131m2 living spaces, all outfitted with key amenities. Amenities for residents include a family-friendly pool, a Jacuzzi, an enclosed terrace featuring a bar, a jogging path, a space for events, a children’s play area, a fitness center, a movie theater, a gaming lounge, and a spa. P.H. Nogal represents an ideal blend of elegance and comfort for those desiring a refined lifestyle.


  • PH The Regent
    P.H. The Regent elevates urban living with its selection of apartments, varying from 95 to 205 square meters, starting at a price point of $180,000. Residents will enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of both the ocean and the cityscape, with interiors featuring marble flooring, wooden doors, Italian-style kitchens, and high-end finishes. Perfectly situated, The Regent allows for effortless access to a plethora of local amenities, including shopping malls, business sectors, and culinary venues. The building itself is a hub of luxury and convenience, offering facilities like a country club, swimming pool, childcare services, a co-working area, and a variety of sports and leisure options. With its prime location in Costa del Este and extensive on-site amenities, P.H. The Regent stands as an ideal option for those in search of a vibrant and sophisticated lifestyle.


  • PH Bali
    P.H. Bali offers an exquisite residential experience with generously sized apartments available from 169m2 to 184m2, starting at $403,000. The apartments boast luxurious finishes, including marble flooring, wooden doors, and kitchens designed in an Italian style, embodying elegance and sophistication. P.H. Bali ensures easy access to a wealth of local amenities such as shopping malls, business centers, and diverse dining establishments. The property is also home to comprehensive facilities like a swimming pool, a daycare for children, co-working spaces, and various sports and recreational options. P.H. Bali represents a perfect blend of luxury and vibrant city life for discerning residents.



Amenities and Lifestyle

Indulge in a lifestyle of unmatched luxury and convenience within Costa del Este, where contemporary amenities and a lively community ambiance redefine urban sophistication. Below, discover a selection of the neighborhood’s enticing amenities.

  • Upscale Properties
    Costa Del Este boasts a selection of luxurious real estate options, including renowned buildings like The Regent, P.H. Bali, and Nogal, elevating the overall desirability of the area in the realm of real estate.


  • International Schools
    Several esteemed international schools, such as the International School of Panama and King’s College, The British School of Panama, provide top-tier education adhering to international curricula within Costa Del Este.


  • Local Educational Facilities
    In addition to its international educational offerings, Costa del Este is home to local schools like Instituto Atenea. This bilingual institution is highly esteemed for its curriculum, which seamlessly integrates global educational standards, enriching the educational landscape of the area.


  • Healthcare Facilities
    Residents have access to the renowned Hospital Punta Pacifica, affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, offering world-class healthcare services. Various specialized clinics located throughout the area cater to a diverse range of health needs, ensuring comprehensive medical care.


  • Fitness Centers
    Fitness enthusiasts are spoiled for choice, with facilities such as Power Club and Oxygen Fitness Zone providing well-equipped spaces and a variety of classes. Additionally, numerous other fitness centers and boutique studios in Costa del Este promote a healthy lifestyle.


  • Malls and Local Shops
    At Town Center Costa Del Este, a prominent shopping destination, residents can find a blend of international retailers, specialty stores, and entertainment options. Moreover, scattered throughout the area are local boutiques offering a taste of Panamanian flair, featuring everything from artisan crafts to unique fashion pieces.


  • Restaurants and Bars
    Costa Del Este’s dining scene caters to every palate. Whether savoring gourmet experiences at Los Años Locos or exploring casual yet trendy dining at ACHA Costa del Este, renowned for its exquisite seafood, residents are spoiled for choice. The area’s lively bars and lounges, including the popular Blue Moon Bar, provide an ideal setting for evening relaxation and socializing.


  • Parks and Recreational Areas
    Parque Recreativo y Deportivo Costa del Este stands as a local gem, where residents engage in various outdoor activities. Serving not only as a leisure spot but also as a community hub hosting local events and sports competitions, it holds significance. Smaller parks like Parque Felipe Motta offer serene greenery, playgrounds, and walking trails, perfect for family outings or personal relaxation.


Strong Rental Demand for Investors

Costa del Este is currently experiencing a robust demand for rentals, driven by its reputation as a contemporary and upscale locale. While the emphasis is primarily on long-term rentals, there’s also a notable market for short-term stays like AirBnB, particularly appealing to business travelers and tourists seeking a premium accommodation experience. The rental demographic in Costa del Este is diverse, encompassing expatriates, professionals employed in nearby business hubs, and families prioritizing safety and top-notch amenities. Expats and international business executives are drawn to Costa del Este for its proximity to key business districts and the international airport, rendering it a convenient and desirable location for those conducting business in Panama City. Prospective tenants in Costa del Este typically seek luxurious comfort, gravitating towards modern apartments or houses equipped with amenities such as fitness centers, swimming pools, secure parking, and occasionally, concierge services.


The properties in high demand are typically well-maintained, featuring contemporary designs and situated within buildings or complexes offering extra amenities such as children’s play areas and communal gardens. Regarding potential returns on investment, Costa del Este properties present promising yields, fueled by the strong rental demand. Though specific figures may vary, rental returns in upscale areas like Costa del Este can be notably competitive, particularly for properties in prime locations with modern amenities. It’s common for landlords to realize annual yields ranging from 6% to 9%, or even higher in certain instances. Presently, there’s increasing demand for properties tailored to the preferences of professionals and small families, which could potentially yield better returns. These include modern two or three-bedroom apartments, striking a balance between space and luxury. Moreover, properties within developments offering additional amenities like gyms or pools are experiencing a surge in demand.



In conclusion, Costa del Este is swiftly establishing itself as Panama’s new real estate beacon, attracting a mix of discerning investors and homebuyers. With its unique blend of corporate prestige and residential luxury, this area offers more than just prime real estate; it promises a lifestyle that balances professional success with personal fulfillment. From its position as a corporate hub to the strong rental demand that underscores its market’s vitality, Costa del Este is not merely evolving—it’s leading the way in redefining what it means to live and invest in Panama. Whether seeking investment opportunities or a place to call home, Costa del Este represents the future of real estate in the country.

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