Panama Real Estate Investment Guide For 2023

Panama’s real estate market is growing fast. The country has a great location for logistics and travel, good public infrastructure, as well as business-friendly policies. This in return, attracts both corporate and private international investors in large numbers. But, to get the most out of the local real estate market, it’s important to find the best areas for investment.
In this article, we’ll explore the top investment hotspots in Panama for 2023. We’ll consider factors like new construction projects, economic prosperity, infrastructure development and tourism. Our goal is to help you make smart choices in this rapidly-evolving real estate market of Panama. This guide will be useful for both experienced investors, first time home buyers and those new to Panama.
Some of the topics are as follows:
Now, let us begin our journey through Panama’s real estate market in 2023!

Identifying Panama’s Real Estate Investment Hotspots

When looking for the best areas for real estate investment in Panama, it’s important to understand a couple of factors first. In this section, we’ll discuss four main factors that influence real estate investment hotspots:
Infrastructure Developments
Good infrastructure plays a crucial role in attracting investment. New roads, bridges and public transport systems make it easier for people and businesses to access different areas of the country. So keep an eye on regions with upcoming infrastructure projects! These areas are likely to grow in the future, offering good investment opportunities.
Economic Growth
A strong local economy creates job opportunities and attracts more people to an area. This is return, can increase the demand for housing and commercial units a lot. Look for regions in Panama with growing industries, such as technology, logistics & tourism. These areas can offer long-term returns on your real estate investment.
Tourism Trends
Tourism is a significant driver of Panama’s economy as well. It drives the demand for things like accommodation, restaurants, entertainment & many other industries. This over time will increase property values and rental incomes in these areas. Keep track of popular tourist destinations in Panama, as well as new trends like eco-tourism! This will help you spot suitable investment opportunities.
Government Incentives & Policies
Panama’s government has introduced several incentives to attract foreign investment and promote development. These initiatives include tax breaks, visa programs and special economic zones. Stay informed about these policies, as they can create favorable conditions for real estate investment in the future.

Top Emerging Neighborhoods in Panama City

Panama City offers a variety of neighborhoods, each with its own unique potential. In this section, we’ll explore three of its up-and-coming areas: Obarrio, Costa del Este & San Francisco. We’ll provide you an overview of each neighborhood & discuss the investment opportunities they present:
Obarrio, Panama City
Obarrio is a centrally located neighborhood in Panama City and is one of the city’s important business hubs. The district has everything from modern high-rise buildings, fancy shopping centers and fine restaurants to greatpublic infrastructure and overall connectivity.
In Obarrio, you can find various investment options, such as luxury condos, office spaces & retail units. The neighborhood’s central location as well as its increasing popularity make it an attractive choice for both long- & short-term rental properties, or as your personal residence. Obarrio is also becoming quite popular among expats and young people – and this fascinating mix gives Obarrio the exact unique charme that it has today.
The future of Obarrio looks promising. Road improvements and public transportation enhancements will further increase the area’s connectivity and accessibility. These developments make Obarrio a very appealing choice for a large number of home buyers from all over the globe.
Costa del Este, Panama City
Costa del Este is an upscale community situated to the east of Panama City, connected to downtown Panama City by the Corredor Sur. It’s known for its modern architecture, relaxing green spaces and high-quality amenities. In recent years, Costa del Este has become a desirable location for families and professionals that are working in the area. Also, Costa del Este has attracted large numbers of companies and their personnel from abroad.
Real estate options in Costa del Este include everything from luxury apartments, family homes & commercial spaces. Its reputation as a prestigious and well-structured community makes it an attractive option for long-term investments and rental properties.
Costa del Este is expected to continue growing, with new residential and commercial projects in the pipeline. Also, the completion of the Corredor Sur highway and the planned extension of Panama City’s metro system will improve its accessibility even more. These factors will further enhance the neighborhood’s appeal to investors.
San Francisco, Panama City
San Francisco is a vibrant neighborhood – it is known for its mix of residential, commercial & recreational spaces. Thanks to its various parks, shopping centers and entertainment options, the area is particulary popular among young people and families.
In San Francisco, you can find a variety of real estate options. They include apartments, houses, commercial properties & more! The area’s growing popularity as a lively and well-rounded neighborhood truly makes it a promising choice. For both long-term investments and rental properties alike.
Infrastructure improvements are set to drive further growth in San Francisco. The expansion of the Cinta Costera as well as the ongoing development of new residential and commercial projects will further benefit the area’s real estate market. These factors make San Francisco an appealing neighborhood for families & property investors.

Real Estate in Panama’s Beach Communities & Mountain Towns

Panama is home to beautiful beach communities and charming mountain towns. In this section, we’ll explore Coronado, Boquete & Bocas del Toro, which offer incredible landscapes and promising real estate potential.
Coronado – Pacific Beach Community
Coronado is a popular beach community on the Pacific coast, just an hour west from Panama City. It has a mix of locals and expats who enjoy various amenities like shopping centers, restaurants & golf courses. And spectacular ocean views, of course!
The real estate market in Coronado offers beachfront condos, single-family homes as well as land for development. Its popularity as a vacation and retirement destination also makes it very suitable for rental investments.
Tourism is expected to keep growing in Coronado as infrastructure further improves. This growth will increase demand for real estate, leading to higher property values in the future. And with expats from the US and Europe coming to Coronado, this trend is expected to continue!
Boquete – The Highland Paradise
Boquete is a lovely mountain town in Chiriquí province, near the Costa Rican border. It’s known for its nice climate, green landscapes, and a growing expat community. The relaxed atmosphere and popularity among retirees make Boquete a unique investment opportunity and definetely worth the money.
Boquete’s real estate options include mountain-view homes, villas & land for development. The area’s appeal as a retirement destination makes it ideal for long-term rental investments and residential properties. Sitting on fertile volcanic soil, Boquete’s farmland is perfectly suited for crop & coffee production.
And as Boquete becomes more popular as a tourist destination, housing demand will also keep increasing. This growth, combined with ongoing infrastructure developments will result in higher property values & further real estate development in the years to come.
Bocas del Toro – Ultimate Caribbean Getaway
Bocas del Toro is an archipelago on Panama’s north-western Caribbean coast. It’s famous for its clear waters, lush rainforests and diverse marine ecosystem. This tropical paradise attracts all kinds of international tourists that are seeking ultimate adventure and relaxation.
The real estate market in Bocas del Toro includes beachfront homes, eco-lodges, and land for development. The area’s tourism appeal makes it well-suited for vacation rental investments and eco-friendly hospitality projects.
Sustainable tourism is increasingly becoming popular amongst international travellers. This in return, will further boost Bocas del Toro’s appeal as an eco-friendly destination. The area is a true paradise for nature-lovers, wildlife fans and adventurers!

Bonus: Exploring Real Estate Opportunities in Colón

Colón is a thriving port city located on Panama’s Caribbean coast. It offers unique real estate investment opportunities, ranging from warehouses to beachfront properties. In this section, we’ll discuss Colón’s economic significance, ongoing development projects and its potential for real estate investment.
Economic Significance Of Colón
Strategic location: Colón is located right at the Atlantic entrance of the Panama Canal. Being next to one of the world’s most important waterways makes it a key commercial & shipping hub for Latin America and beyond. Colon’s location offers investors access to both the Caribbean and the global market.
Free Trade Zone: The Colón Free Trade Zone is the second-largest free trade zone globally. Due to its favorable taxes and import/export regulations, it attracts an ever growing number of businesses and investors.
Created in June 1948, The Colon Free Zones has served for more than 69 years as the main commercial center for Latin America and the Caribbean. Its operations began in a segregated area of 35 hectares in Colon City and with 10 companies. Now, this free zones is divided into nine different sectors that total some 1,064 hecares with more than 1,800 companies” (~PROPANAMA).
Ongoing Development Projects
Colón Urban Renewal Project: The Panamanian government has launched the Colón Urban Renewal Project to revitalize the city’s buildings and infrastructure. The main goal of the project is to stimulate economic growth by improving public spaces and raising the value of real estate.
Expansion of port facilities: Ongoing investments in Colón’s port facilities aim to increase its cargo handling capacity and efficiency. This expansion is expected to attract more shipping companies and businesses, driving demand for commercial and residential real estate!
Real Estate Investment Potential
Commercial properties: Colón’s position as a commercial and shipping hub creates some exciting opportunities for real estate investment. With property types ranging from warehouses and office spaces to beachfront properties! The recent economic development of Colón will also further drive demand for commercial real estate in the area.
Residential properties: As Colón continues to evolve, the demand for housing is going to keep rising as well. Investors can capitalize on this trend by investing in residential properties, such as apartments and single-family homes. Properties in Colón are suitable for both long-term rentals and for sale!
Land for development: Investors looking for long-term opportunities may consider purchasing land for development in Colón. As the city grows and attracts more businesses & residents, the value of its surrounding land is expected to increase as well. In fact, the entire Colón Province is experiencing a major upswing at this point!

Navigating the Legal Aspects of Real Estate Investment in Panama

Investing in Panama’s real estate market offers excellent opportunities. But, it’s essential to understand the different legal aspects to ensure a smooth buying process. In this section, we’ll discuss key legal considerations, such as property ownership, due diligence and taxes. This will help you make the most informed decisions in the future.
Property Ownership
Foreign ownership: Panama welcomes foreign investment. As a result, there are no major restrictions on property ownership for non-citizens. Foreigners can own most types of properties, including residential, commercial and land.
Rights of Possession (ROP): Some properties in Panama fall under Rights of Possession. This is a form of land tenure that grants occupants the right to use the land. It’s crucial to understand the differences between ROP and titled property before making an investment.
Titled property: Titled properties are registered with the Public Registry. Titled properties are providing a clear record of ownership. It’s generally safer to invest in titled properties as they offer better legal protection!
Due Diligence
Title search: Conduct a title search at the Public Registry to verify the property’s ownership, boundaries & any existing liens or encumbrances.
Survey: Obtain an updated survey to confirm the property’s boundaries and avoid potential disputes with neighbors.
Legal counsel: Engage a reputable local law firm experienced in real estate transactions. They will guide you through the process and ensure that all legal requirements are met!
Taxes & Fees
Property transfer tax: When purchasing a property in Panama, the buyer is responsible for paying a one-time property transfer tax. It is usually 2% of the property’s updated registered value.
Annual property tax: Property owners in Panama must pay an annual property tax. Typically, it ranges from 0.5% to 0.7% of the property’s assessed value, depending on the value and type of property. For further information regarding property taxes in Panama, feel free to contact us anytime!
Legal and closing fees: Buyers should also budget for legal and closing fees, which typically range from 2% to 5% of the property’s value.
Special Considerations for Beachfront & Island Properties
Maritime Zone Law: In Panama, the first 200 meters of beachfront and island properties are considered public land under the Maritime Zone Law. Investors should be aware of these restrictions when considering beachfront or island properties.
Concessions: In some cases, the government may grant concessions for the use and development of land within the Maritime Zone. However, these concessions come with specific conditions and responsibilities that investors must consider.

Financing Options for Real Estate Investment in Panama

Obtaining financing for real estate investments in Panama can be an essential factor for some investors. In this section, we’ll discuss various financing options available to both local and foreign buyers to help you determine the best approach for your investment.
Local Bank Financing
Eligibility: Both Panamanian residents and foreigners can obtain financing from local banks. The requirements and loan terms may differ depending on your background though.
Documentation: Be prepared to provide proof of income, tax returns, bank statements & credit references to qualify for a mortgage in Panama. Foreign buyers may also need to provide more documentation, such as a valid passport and a Panamanian bank account.
Interest rates and terms: Interest rates in Panama are generally competitive, with terms ranging from 15 to 30 years. The loan-to-value ratio typically varies from 70% to 80%, depending on the buyer’s profile and the property type.
Developer Financing
Flexibility: Some developers in Panama offer in-house financing. It can be more flexible than traditional bank financing. This option may be particularly attractive to foreign investors who face challenges obtaining local bank financing.
Terms and conditions: Developer financing terms and interest rates can vary significantly. It’s crucial to carefully review the terms and conditions of any developer financing offer to ensure that it meets your investment goals.
Private Lenders & Hard Money Loans
Alternative financing: For investors who don’t qualify for traditional bank financing or developer financing, private lenders and hard money loans can provide an alternative financing option.
Interest rates and fees: These loans typically come with higher interest rates and fees when compared to traditional financing options. Yet, they can offer a faster approval process and more flexible terms.
Risks: Borrowing from private lenders or using hard money loans can carry higher risks. Be sure to carefully evaluate the terms, interest rates & repayment conditions before proceeding with this financing option.

Understanding Property Management & Rental Markets in Panama

Owning rental properties in Panama can be a lucrative investment. Although, it’s essential to understand the rental market and the importance of effective property management. In this section, we’ll discuss the rental market dynamics, property management options, as well as some tips for maximizing rental income.
Rental Market Dynamics
Demand drivers: The demand for rental properties in Panama is driven by several factors. They include tourism, expat relocations & the growing popularity of Panama as a retirement destination for expats from around the globe.
Seasonality: Panama’s rental market is subject to seasonal fluctuations, with higher demand during the high tourist season (December to April). It’s important to factor in this seasonality when estimating rental income and occupancy rates.
Location: The location of your rental property will significantly impact demand, rental rates & occupancy. Properties in popular tourist areas or well-established expat communities typically command higher rental rates and enjoy higher occupancy levels.
Property Management Options
Professional property management: Engaging a professional property management company can help you maintain and manage your rental property efficiently. They can handle tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance & other tasks to ensure a hassle-free experience for you.
Self-management: Some investors choose to manage their properties independently. This includes handling tenant relations and property maintenance themselves. While this approach can save on management fees, it requires a significant time commitment & familiarity with local rental regulations.
Hybrid approach: Some investors prefer a hybrid approach. Combining professional property management services with self-management, where it makes sense. This arrangement allows investors to be involved in decision-making while benefiting from the expertise and support of a professional management team.
Tips for Maximizing Rental Income
Property Presentation: A well-maintained and attractively furnished property is more likely to attract tenants and command higher rental rates. Invest in quality furnishings and regular maintenance to keep your property in top condition.
Marketing: Effective marketing is crucial for attracting tenants and maintaining high occupancy levels. Utilize online platforms, social media, and local networks to promote your property and reach a wider audience.
Competitive pricing: Regularly review local rental rates and adjust your pricing strategy to remain competitive. Offering value-added services or amenities can also help your property stand out and attract tenants.
Tenant screening: Carefully screen potential tenants to minimize the risk of non-payment, property damage, or other issues. A thorough screening process includes checking references, verifying income, and conducting credit checks.

Stay Up To Date With Panama’s Real Estate Market In 2023!

Panama’s real estate market offers diverse and promising opportunities for investors. They are ranging from high-end residential properties to affordable vacation homes and land for sale. Key driving factors include Panama’s growing economy, strategic location & its appeal as a retirement destination.
Make sure to understand the market dynamics, explore various investment locations, navigate the legal aspects, secure suitable financing & managing rental properties effectively. This way, you can capitalize on the immense potential of Panama’s real estate market.
As Panama’s real estate market continues to evolve, staying up-to-date with the latest trends, opportunities & regulations is crucial. By keeping a finger on the pulse of the market, you can identify and seize lucrative opportunities.
For further information or personal investment consultation, feel free to contact us anytime. Also, check out our blog section for more up-to-date articles about real estate in Panama and all related topics!

Real Estate - FAQ

What Are The Main Factors Behind Rising Property Values?
In this article, we have looked at the four main factors that influence property values. They include: 1. Infrastructure Developments 2. Economic Growth 3. Tourism Trends 4. Government Incentives However, there are many other factors that can influence a property's potential for increasing its value. Location is one of the other key factors - some areas have higher potential for growth, due to factors like: 1. Access to beaches 2. Access to infrastructure 3. Soil fertility 4. And others
What Are The Best Areas In Panama City?
There are a couple of highly profitable investment areas in Panama City. Among the fastest-growing of them are Obarrio, San Francisco & Costa del Este. But, areas like Punta Pacifica, Punta Paitilla, Coco del Mar, Marbella and others are also in demand.
What Are The Best Areas Outside The City?
The best investment areas outside Panama City include: 1. Boquete 2. Coronado 3. Bocas del Toro 4. Pedasi 5. Colon 6. David
Can A Foreigner Buy Real Estate In Panama?
Yes, absolutely! There is no need for a citizenship or residency permit in order for you to buy real estate in Panama. In fact, Panama even wants foreigners to purchase properties in the country. There are several tax incentives and visa programs for foreign investors to benefit from when buying land or real estate in Panama.
Is My Money Safe In Panama?
Absolutely. Panams's foreign protection laws are among the strictest in the entire world. The country is well known and respected for its stable banking sector, liberal financial policies and business-firendly attitude. As foreign investment has played a crucial role in Panama's economic development, it is hard to imagine a political shift on that front.
What's The Average ROI On Real Estate Investments?
In recent years, property values in Panama have increased at a solid rate of ~5% per anno. In some regions, this growth rate even gets close to 10%. Depending on the area and investment type you choose, rental yields alone can pay back your initial investment after about 20 years. With AirBnBs and other vacation homes, it can be probably be achieved in 10 years of time (depending on location and several other factors).
Can I Buy Real Estate With Crypto As Well?
Of course! At Panacrypto, you can buy any property you like with Bitcoin or crypto.
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