The Best Places To Buy Real Estate In Panama City

Panama City is an attractive destination for real estate investment, known for its mix of modern appeal and growing economic opportunities. Located between North and South America, Panama offers a variety of real estate options, from high-rise buildings to historic areas. To find the best areas to buy real estate in Panama City, it is essential to analyze market trends and consider future development plans to ensure a strategic and informed investment decision. Embarking on a real estate venture in Panama City opens doors to a world of possibilities, in a developing city. Discovering the best places to buy real estate in Panama City is also about finding an area that aligns with your lifestyle and investment goals. In this exploration, we’ll unravel the tapestry of Panama City’s real estate landscape, spotlighting neighborhoods that blend convenience, growth potential, and unique charms. Whether you’re a prospective homeowner or an investor on the lookout, this guide aims to unravel the complexities, offering a clear map to the best areas in Panama City’s vibrant real estate market.



Considerations for Purchasing Real Estate In Panama City

Selecting the Right Neighborhood In Panama City

When buying property in Panama City, it’s very important to choose a good location. Look for areas close to shops, hospitals, and schools. This makes life easier and helps you fit into the city better. Also, make sure the area is safe. Check the crime rates and what safety steps are in place. A safe area is not just good for living peacefully, but it also helps keep your property’s value over time.

In Panama City’s real estate market, being close to good transportation is really important. Areas with good public transport or near big roads are more popular because they make traveling easier and can increase the value of properties. This is important for getting to work easily and enjoying the city’s culture.


Choosing the Type of Property to Purchase

In Panama City’s real estate market, choosing the right type of property is very important. If you’re looking for a place to live, there are many choices. You can pick from modern apartments in tall buildings or smaller houses in quiet areas. Think about how close you want to be to shops and other places, the feel of the neighborhood, and the style of the house that you like.

Panama City is a great place for investors. It offers many chances to make money, especially in real estate. Smart investors can find properties that might earn a lot of money, either by renting them out or selling them for a higher price later. This includes apartments and houses that people always need, as well as business buildings that are expected to grow. To make the best choices, it’s important to understand the current market and what might happen in the future.



Your Budget When Purchasing Real Estate

Getting into Panama City’s real estate market means also paying close attention to your budget. The city has many different neighborhoods, each with its own style and range of property prices. It’s important to know how much properties cost in various areas to match your investment with what you can afford and what you want in a home. Spend time looking at the prices in different parts of the city, from the busy downtown to quieter residential areas.

When investing in real estate in Panama City, it’s important to think about how much you can afford and your options for borrowing money. For those seeking alternatives, private lenders can provide more flexible arrangements, often with quicker approval processes. Government-backed programs are another avenue, often offering incentives for first-time buyers or specific property types. The Panacrypto Team is able and willing to guide you through the available financing options.


The Top Locations for Real Estate Investment in Panama City 

Determining the ideal place to live in Panama City hinges on individual preferences and lifestyle priorities. The city offers a diverse range of options, catering to various tastes. Here are the best areas for real estate investment in Panama City:

  1. Punta Pacifica
    Punta Pacifica is a luxurious and peaceful neighborhood in Panama City, located right by the Pacific Ocean. It’s built on land that was reclaimed from the sea, which makes it a special place to live. This area is known for its calm, seaside lifestyle and also for being very convenient. It has lots of high-quality facilities and services close by, making it easy to walk around and enjoy everything the neighborhood has to offer. Punta Pacifica is not just a beautiful place; it also offers a lot of high-quality facilities. It has great shops, restaurants, and even a top-class hospital linked with John Hopkins. This mix of luxury and convenience makes Punta Pacifica a standout area in Panama City. It’s right next to Punta Paitilla, another stylish area. A 3-bedroom apartment for sale in Punta Pacifica costs around $330,000.
  2. Costa del Este
    Costa del Este is a popular residential area known for its peaceful yet convenient lifestyle. It’s close to big companies and schools, making daily commutes easy. The neighborhood has everything residents need, like places to eat, shop, and enjoy nightlife, so there’s rarely a need to go far. It’s also just a 15-minute drive from both Tocumen International Airport and downtown Panama City, offering a perfect mix of calm and easy access to other areas. The area is especially favored by expats looking for a comfortable place to live. It features a large public park, Parque Costa del Este, and a scenic coastal path, Paseo del Mar, ideal for outdoor activities. There’s a variety of restaurants serving everything from seafood to French cuisine, and the nightlife scene is growing. While it’s not a late-night hotspot, Costa del Este provides a great balance of leisure activities, convenience, and a friendly community vibe. Apartments in Costa del Este often come with incredible views of the sea and the city from the high floors. On a high floor you can expect to pay between $450,000-$650.000 for a 3 bedrooms apartment.
  3. El Cangrejo
    El Cangrejo is a popular neighborhood in Panama City known for its easygoing vibe and streets you can easily walk around. It’s a lively area with a mix of different cultures, shown in its coffee shops, various types of restaurants, and a blend of old buildings and new condos. What makes El Cangrejo really special is not just its buildings and food, but also its great urban park, perfect for relaxing walks and morning runs. Real estate in El Cangrejo in Panama City is a great place for everyone – young workers, families, and retired people. It has a friendly community vibe. People here enjoy simple pleasures like going to cafes and walking their dogs. It’s a relaxed area, not too busy or noisy. The neighborhood is also popular because it has good schools, which is great for parents. Retired people love it too, as it’s a calm place to live while still being close to the city’s attractions. A four-bedroom aparment in El Cangrejo will cost you around $400,000.
  4. Santa Maria
    Santa Maria, close to downtown, is popular among professionals, top managers, and retirees. It’s known for its high-end lifestyle, great schools, and being near big companies like DHL and Copa Airlines. It’s also a favorite spot for golf lovers because of its 18-hole golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus. You can find Santa Maria real estate starting at $500,000 up to big single-family homes and penthouse, for up to 5 Million USD. Whether you want to live near a golf course, have a view of the city skyline, or see the coastal mountains, there are many options here. If you’re not ready to buy, you can rent a condo for about $3,000 a month or a house for around $5,000 a month.
  5. Ocean Reef
    Ocean Reef is a luxurious private island in Panama, ideal for people who love privacy, nature, and high-end living. Residents have access to top-notch facilities like exclusive clubs, spas, golf courses, fine dining, and private docks for luxury yachts. Ocean Reef offers everything from stylish villas to apartment. Each home is built with premium materials and includes features like private pools, gardens, and direct access to the beach.Everything is set up for a comfortable and unparalleled living experience. Safety and privacy are also very important here. There’s round-the-clock security and controlled access to the island. This makes sure residents live without worries and always have their privacy protected. A 3-bedroom oceanfront apartment in Ocean Reef starts at $800,000.
  6. Avenida Balboa
    Avenue Balboa in Panama City is a lively area that combines modern and traditional elements. It’s a 3km long stretch along the Pacific Ocean, popular among expats. The area is known for its excellent restaurants, fashion stores, and impressive skyline. Highlights include the Mercado de Mariscos for fresh seafood and the Cinta Costera, a favorite waterfront walkway.Living options on Balboa Avenue vary. You can rent places starting at $1,300 per month or buy one-bedroom studios for around $180,000. The district offers both new, high-end buildings and older, more affordable ones. Prices depend on the age of the building, its location, the facilities it offers, and the quality of construction.
  7. Coco del Mar
    Coco del Mar offers both peace and easy access to the city. Located between Punta Pacifica and Costa del Este along the Pacific coast, it has beautiful ocean views and natural surroundings. The suburb mixes apartment buildings with elegant houses, creating a beautiful and well-kept environment with lots of trees and green spaces. It’s a quiet place, but still very close to the city center.Coco del Mar is also conveniently close to the Southern Corredor, making it easy to get to Tocumen International Airport and downtown Panama City. Coco del Mar is an attractive option for those looking to invest in a peaceful yet well-connected area. One-bedroom apartments in Coco del Mar start at $175,000.
  8. Casco Viejo
    Casco Viejo, also known as the ‘Old Quarter,’ is the historic center of Panama City, dating back to 1673. It’s a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site, famous for its beautiful, colorful streets. Located just minutes from the busy Panama City, Casco Viejo feels like a different world. It’s a peaceful, historic area, offering a break from the city’s fast pace.Recently, Casco Viejo has become trendy and modern while keeping its old charm. Its streets are filled with old Spanish colonial buildings that have been turned into stylish hotels, hostels, and apartments. The area is also known for its great rooftop bars with views of the city and the Pacific Ocean. The food here is diverse and delicious, making Casco Viejo a lively spot that attracts both locals and tourists to enjoy its unique atmosphere.  2-bedroom apartment start at $350,000.


Investing in Real Estate in Panama City

Is it possible for non-citizens to purchase real estate in Panama City?

Foreign investors find a welcoming environment in Panama’s real estate market, where the government actively encourages international investment. One notable aspect that makes Panama an attractive destination for foreign buyers is the absence of special rules or limitations imposed on them. In essence, foreigners enjoy the same property ownership rights as local Panamanian citizens, fostering an inclusive and accessible real estate landscape. This openness not only simplifies the purchasing process for international investors but also contributes to Panama’s reputation as a favorable destination for those seeking diverse and promising real estate opportunities.


Possible Risks When Investing In Pre-Construction in Panama City

To avoid problems when investing in pre-construction developments, it’s crucial to have a reliable guide. Lower costs make pre-construction appealing, but dealing with an unreliable developer may lead to delays. Before signing any contracts, verify the developer’s down payment requirements with your lawyer.

Research the developer’s business history, company size, reputation, land ownership, and co-developers. Lower risks are associated with big companies that own the land outright and have a good reputation. Opt for developments close to completion or those financed by banks for added security. Request proof of land ownership from the developer, and have your attorney check the public registry for any property mortgages.



Current Growth Patterns in the Real Estate Market of Panama City

The real estate market in Panama City, Panama is experiencing a notable surge in property values, primarily driven by a decrease in inventory. The average transactions per building have risen by over 30%, with a growing demand from foreign buyers contributing to this trend. In 2022, there has been a consistent increase in housing demand, resulting in a 90% occupancy rate in prime locations within the city. This surge in popularity has led to heightened investor interest in rental properties, particularly in the luxury segment, where prices are on the rise. Both private sellers and developers are becoming less inclined to negotiate prices, and rental rates are increasing, especially in sought-after areas.

Panama’s stable economic situation and the use of the USD as the national currency have attracted numerous individuals and multinational companies seeking private properties. In contrast to many other nations, Panama’s economy grew by approximately 10.8% in 2022, with an additional 6% growth forecasted for 2023. The country’s relative attractiveness is further enhanced by favorable purchase and construction prices, the use of the USD, and geopolitical stability. The uncertain political situations in some South American countries have increased Panama’s appeal. Additionally, the rise of multinational companies in Panama City has led to job creation and an upsurge in rental demand, resulting in a mere 5-10% vacancy rate in prime locations.


oceanfront apartment panama city



Identifying the best places to invest in real estate in Panama City is a complex undertaking. Successfully navigating this terrain calls for an integrated strategy that combines market knowledge with personal investment goals. Key considerations such as proximity to amenities, neighborhood development, and infrastructure projects play pivotal roles in ensuring a wise investment decision. Whether it’s the thriving urban landscapes of Punta Pacifica or the promising developments in Costa del Este, careful evaluation of these factors is imperative for investors seeking both short-term returns and long-term appreciation.

The essence of making a successful investment in Panama City’s real estate market lies in the synthesis of thorough research and a thorough understanding of the market. Should you require professional assistance, our team of experts is available to offer guidance in this complex market. Feel free to contact us today for expert advice tailored to your investment needs.

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