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Punta Pacifica is renowned for its unparalleled blend of luxury living and urban convenience, this neighborhood stands as a testament to Panama’s allure. But what makes Punta Pacifica so sought after? Join us as we delve into the reasons behind its magnetic appeal, from its breathtaking ocean views to its vibrant cultural scene. Explore why Punta Pacifica isn’t just a location but a lifestyle embraced by expatriates, investors, and discerning locals alike.



Punta Pacifica’s Early Days

Punta Pacifica’s history stems from its prime geographical position—a peninsula protruding into the Pacific Ocean, coveted since its inception. In the 1970s, it was largely untouched, boasting lush greenery and pristine beaches. Landfill expansion and a private island altered its landscape, paving the way for iconic skyscrapers. The 1990s saw a surge in real estate projects, revolutionizing the area with modern infrastructure and luxury towers. Notably, the Trump Ocean Club (TOC), now JW Marriott, emerged in 2011, reshaping the skyline and elevating Punta Pacifica into a global luxury destination. TOC’s amenities and breathtaking views magnetized both local and international investors, solidifying its prestige.


Punta Pacifica stands out in Panama City due to its status as a healthcare hub. Beyond its luxury living appeal, the Punta Pacifica Hospital, linked with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, offers top-tier medical services. Established in 2006, it holds the distinction of being Latin America’s inaugural Joint Commission International-accredited hospital, elevating Panama as a medical tourism hotspot. This world-class facility enhances Punta Pacifica’s allure, attracting individuals seeking premier medical care and wellness services.


Punta Pacifica has seen remarkable growth, driven by its stunning beaches and strategic location. While swimming may not be advisable, the area attracts a diverse population with its amenities including upscale malls, restaurants, schools, and cultural centers. It has transformed into a self-sufficient community where everything is within reach. The real estate market has thrived, with high-end towers offering ocean and city views, attracting affluent locals and expatriates alike. This has cultivated a vibrant, cosmopolitan atmosphere in the neighborhood, solidifying its status as a desirable destination.



What are The Benefits of Living in Punta Pacifica?

Punta Pacifica stands out as the top choice for expatriates, investors, and discerning locals. Here are six reasons why it’s not just a place but a lifestyle in Panama City.


  1. Growing Real Estate Value
    Property prices have consistently risen in the area, attracting investor attention. Real estate options in Punta Pacifica offer luxurious ocean-view apartments and penthouses, to suit diverse needs.


  1. A Center for Global and Local Communities
    Punta Pacifica’s cosmopolitan vibe embraces diverse cultures, welcoming expats and locals. This fusion fosters a unique community, enhanced by social events, international schools, and cultural activities, enabling expats to integrate effortlessly.


  1. Fusion of Modern Luxury and Tranquil Beauty
    Punta Pacifica combines cutting-edge infrastructure with stunning natural landscapes, offering panoramic ocean vistas and modern skyscrapers.


  1. Exclusive Security and Privacy
    With gated sections, 24/7 security, and a serene ambiance, the neighborhood attracts privacy-minded residents, including expats, investors, and locals.


  1. Premium Amenities Access
    Residents enjoy top-notch shopping, dining, and entertainment options in this vibrant locale.


  1. Ease and Accessibility
    Punta Pacifica provides effortless access to Panama City’s core. From the business district to historic Casco Viejo and Tocumen International Airport, all are easily reachable. This connectivity adds to the convenience of living in this coveted neighborhood.



Features and Amenities of Punta Pacifica

Punta Pacifica distinguishes itself as Panama’s premier exclusive community, providing genuine oceanfront living. Below are the features and amenities available for residents of Punta Pacifica to indulge in:



Punta Pacifica enjoys proximity to Panama City’s top educational institutions, ideal for families with esteemed schools like Balboa Academy and Oxford International School nearby.



Residents relish upscale shopping at destinations like Multiplaza Mall and Soho Mall, known for high-end boutiques. Albrook Mall offers diverse retail and entertainment options, easily accessible.



The district connects seamlessly to major roads, including the Corredor Sur, facilitating swift journeys. Its strong public transportation system ensures easy connectivity, while proximity to Via España expands transportation options for convenient commuting and city exploration.



Punta Pacifica offers a diverse culinary scene, catering to various tastes. With acclaimed restaurants like La Vespa, renowned for its authentic Italian fare, residents enjoy upscale dining experiences. Additionally, the neighborhood features numerous cafes and bistros, perfect for casual meals or artisanal coffee indulgences.


Hotspots & Hangouts

From The Panaviera Sky Bar, Central America’s highest rooftop bar, to other coastal hotspots, Punta Pacifica provides ample entertainment options for residents and visitors alike.


Healthcare Facilities

Home to premier medical facilities like Punta Pacifica Hospital, affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, residents benefit from top-tier healthcare services. Nearby institutions like The Panama Clinic and Paitilla Medical Center ensure comprehensive medical care accessibility.


Punta Pacifica Real Estate Market

Real Estate Average Prices

Punta Pacifica commands high real estate prices thanks to its waterfront setting, luxury amenities, and proximity to the business hub. It presents investors and residents with a privileged lifestyle in Panama’s esteemed locale. Here’s a breakdown of real estate prices in Punta Pacifica:


Category Cost
Standard Apartment for Sale (average price per m2) $1,700
Standard Apartment for Rent (average price per m2) $10.50
Luxury Apartment for Sale (average price per m2) $2,900
Luxury Apartment for Rent (average price per m2) $19.80


Punta Pacifica’s Real Estate Trends

Real estate investors are increasingly drawn to Punta Pacifica in Panama, enticed by its favorable pricing trends, persistent demand, and developments. Prices have appreciated healthily, rising between 6% to 9%, despite a surge in luxury units in Panama City. Punta Pacifica’s market remains robust, with properties changing hands swiftly, fostering a dynamic sales and rental environment.

Punta Pacifica has become a global symbol of upscale living, with the addition of a five-star hotel, fine dining venues, and upscale condos, further enhancing its global appeal and attracting discerning international buyers. This surge solidifies Punta Pacifica’s status as a premier destination for lucrative investments in luxury real estate.


Luxury Real Estate Projects in Punta Pacifica

The Residences

The Residences in Panama City offers a redefined luxury oceanfront lifestyle with exclusive condominiums. You can choose from apartments ranging from 360 m² to expansive 767 m² units, including two-level penthouses up to 1397 m². Each residence showcases elegant features like ocean-view terraces, walk-in closets, and top-notch amenities such as swimming pools and a state-of-the-art gym. With options for plain, white-line, or furnished finishes and additional parking and storage available for purchase, P.H. The Residences offers unmatched luxury and exclusivity in Panama City’s prime oceanfront location, with prices starting at $1,390,000.


P.H. Oceanfront

PH Ocean Front in Punta Paitilla, Panama City, features 67 upscale residences, including apartments and penthouses, offering breathtaking views of Punta Pacifica, the Pacific Ocean, and islands. Designed by Edwin Brown and Mallol Arquitectos, each unit includes en suite bathrooms, walk-in closets, European kitchens, and spacious living/dining areas with expansive windows. The building offers 2,000 m² of recreational space, contemporary meeting facilities, and high-level security. Prices begin at $913,400.


The Towers Paitilla

The Towers Paitilla is inspired by the sea’s natural elegance. It boasts a unique façade mirroring ocean wave and offers panoramic views through floor-to-ceiling windows. Apartments range from 329 m² to 624 m², ensuring excellent space distribution. This project seamlessly blends natural tranquility with urban vibrancy, offering living spaces as havens to enjoy dynamic views and luxury surroundings. Prices start at $900,000.


Grand Tower

Grand Tower, nestled in Punta Pacifica, blends efficient space, exquisite design, and stunning ocean vistas in its 1–3-bedroom units. Its contemporary aesthetic combines modern materials like metals, concrete, and glass across apartments spanning 127m² to 400m². The development offers state-of-the-art amenities including a gym, infinity pool, and 24-hour security. Whether renting a 1-bedroom at $1,200 or purchasing a 208m², 3-bedroom at $575,000, Grand Tower promises a sophisticated lifestyle at your doorstep.



In conclusion, Punta Pacifica emerges not only as a coveted address but as a symbol of Panama City’s cosmopolitan charm and allure. Its blend of luxurious living and urban convenience, complemented by breathtaking ocean views and a vibrant cultural scene, sets it apart as a prime destination. From high-end residences to world-class amenities, Punta Pacifica offers a lifestyle unmatched in Panama. Whether you’re an expatriate, investor, or discerning local, this neighborhood encapsulates the essence of modern living, making it a truly exceptional place to call home.

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