Cativo Islands

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A Cluster Of Pacific Islands Near World Top Fishing And Diving

The Cativo Islands are precious land masses located about 2 kilometers off shore, between the famous COIBA National Marine Park and the main land, East of the Azuero Peninsula.  This area is undeveloped and scarcely inhabited, though well known and loved for its rich marine life.

People visit from around the world for the fishing, diving and surfing communities who frequent the COIBA National Marine Park and Santa Catalina, but the Cativo Islands themselves are known to few. A google search of the Cativos will result in only a couple of diving companies who frequent the area, but little beyond that.

To access these pristine islands, boat 40 minutes from the popular surf town of Santa Catalina,  30 minutes from Playa El Banco, or alternatively you could boat from the fishing town of Pixvae.


The Land

Three rocky Islands jut out of crystal clear waters, with Jurassic Park-like greenery dangling from the trees.  Never having been built on, these islands serve as an important eco-system to coastal birds and marine life. One of the Islands has a white sand beach, and would be an excellent day trip destination for travelers who stray from the beaten path.


The Dream

The Cativo Islands are perfect for a conservation mission:

These islands are outside the protection of any National Park, preserve this precious eco-system.

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