Buena Vista Bay Satellite Islet

Total Price: $ 55,000


$ 55,000

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Your Own Private Islet In Buena Vista Bay

This satellite islet has a 4000 m2 anchor lot on Isla Popa, meaning two lots for the price of one!


The Land

The Buena Vista Bay Satellite Islet property is made up of two land masses that equate 8842 m2 in total. Close to equal in size, the first portion is a charismatic islet with great elevation over the low lying mangroves, which are haloed by a large healthy reef! The second portion is a slice of Western Isla Popa.  This cute duo is calling out for your creative building design, and they are offered at an attractive price!

The islet has mature trees growing on it, offering some sweet shade, and indicating good soil depth and quality. About 35 minutes from town, the Islet is accessible via a slightly overgrown cut in the mangroves, which leads in from the deep water bay.  You could either build a boardwalk through a tunnel of mangroves connecting the island to the bay, with a dock/rancho and boat house at the end, or trim the mangroves back to allow your boat right up close to the island itself.

The Isla Popa portion of the property is low lying and may require some earth filling to meet its full 4000 m2 plus, potential.


The Community

Buena Vista is a protected bay on the West coast of Isla Popa, a large though sparsely inhabited island in the Bocas del Toro Archipelago. The West side of the island is becoming more easily accessible now that a new public water taxi route passes nearby, through the ” Loma Partida Cut ” connecting Bocas Town to Chiriqui Grande. This means 8$ water taxi fares will cover the majority of the trip home, and you can hop in your own boat or jet ski to cover the last 8 minutes of the voyage.  New Restaurants are opening, young families are moving in, but the island paradise maintains it’s dreamy natural feel.


The Dream

The Buena Vista Bay Satellite Islet is perfect for the playful builder:

What a unique canvas to inspire some radical designs, did i just hear someone say suspension bridge???  Maybe they meant floating casitas connected by pulley bridges, with rope swings and over the water slacklines!

The Buena Vista Bay Satellite Islet is perfect for a contained off grid life:

Enough to be self-sufficient, without hectares of land to tend to, The Buena Vista Bay Satellite Island and its Isla Popa anchor have enough space for growing fruit trees, vegetable gardens, building your home and chicken coop, setting up rainwater collection and solar, and installing a dock to fish from!

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