170 Hectare Inland of Isla Colon

Total Price: $ 1,400,000


$ 1,400,000

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170 Hectare Lot In The Heart Of Isla Colon, Including A 70 Hectare Nature Reserve Along The Mimbitimbi River

Only a 5 minute drive from Drago Beach, and a 20 minute drive from town, this massive lot is accessible via Isla Colon’s inner island road.

The Land

Scheduled for a grand renovation the road to Drago goes right past this expanisve piece of land. Topigraphically flat, much of the road front has been cleared  for cow pasture. Deeper in, the property backs onto a gorgeous stretch of wilderness and eventually to the Mimbitimbe River, aligned by a 70 Hectare reserve which is included in the sale price! The useable portion of the property is 100 Hectares, and has fresh water sources throughout.
The Dream
The 170 Hectare Heart of Isla Colon property would be perfect for:  an eco-development
Old  growth forest backing onto a nature preserve with fresh water springs… does it get more appealing than this? The heart of Isla Colon deserves to be protected and developed in a sustainable way. You can gain inspiration from other green hearted projects on the island like the Plastic Bottle Village.  Invite the jungle back around your development, and integrate your favorite permaculture techniques.
The 170 Hectare Heart of Isla Colon property would be perfect for: a reforestation project
Valuable hardwoods grow in the tropics! Plant your crop on the deforested portions of this massive lot, and wait for your cash crop to return your investment.

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