Costa del Este: Everything You Need to Know

Welcome to Costa Del Este, a modern gem in Panama City. Known for its sleek high-rises and beautiful sea views, this neighborhood has quickly become a top place to live. It’s not just about the views, though. People are loving Costa Del Este because it offers a great mix of work and play. Families, professionals, and retirees alike can find something to love in this vibrant part of the city. But what’s it really like to live in Costa Del Este? That’s where this guide comes in. We’re going to take you through all the need-to-knows of living in this exciting area. Learn all about Costa Del Este, including the types of homes and nearby perks. Whether you’re thinking of settling down here or just curious about what it offers, read on to get the full scoop!

Costa del Este, Panama, Skyline


Navigating Costa Del Este

So, you’re intrigued by the charm of Costa Del Este and find yourself imagining life in this urban paradise. It’s easy to get caught up in the allure of your potential new neighborhood, but practical aspects, like how you’ll get around, are crucial to consider. In this bustling community, convenience isn’t just a perk; it’s a standard. Let’s dive into how Costa Del Este keeps you connected, not just within its confines, but to Panama City’s colorful expanse.

Public Transport:

Moving around in Costa Del Este, you’ll find reliable public transportation. Buses are frequent, covering most areas, making it a wallet-friendly option for daily commutes or casual trips. These services are dependable, and as an eco-friendly bonus, many buses are modern and powered by cleaner fuels.

Road Networks:

Driving through Costa Del Este is a breeze thanks to its well-planned roads. The Corredor Sur is a fast road that connects the district to downtown Panama City. It also goes to the Tocumen International Airport and beyond. This means less time in traffic and more time enjoying what the community and surrounding regions have to offer.

transport to and from costa del este, panama

Future Infrastructure Projects:

What’s exciting is what’s on the horizon. Infrastructure developments, like the anticipated Metro Line 3, promise to make getting in and out of Costa Del Este even smoother. The new metro line benefits rush-hour commuters. It also connects Costa Del Este to greater Panama City, making it more accessible for exploration.

Walkability and Cycling

One of the beauties of life here is the freedom to travel on foot or by bike. The neighborhood prides itself on being pedestrian-friendly, with ample sidewalks and paths that encourage walking. It’s not uncommon to see residents enjoying leisurely strolls, morning jogs, or cycling. These pathways aren’t just for exercise; they’re a viable way to access local shops, restaurants, and parks. They illustrate Costa Del Este’s commitment to a healthy, active lifestyle, integrated with urban living.

Accessibility to Other Parts of Panama City

It’s easy to go beyond Costa Del Este because it’s in a good spot. You can quickly get to different attractions in Panama City, like Casco Viejo, business districts, and the coast. This accessibility ensures residents relish the essence of urban life unhindered. Getting around Costa Del Este is more than just seeing new things. It’s about feeling connected to a community, walking on safe paths, and enjoying the excitement of a growing neighborhood.


Community and Daily Life

International Schools

Costa Del Este is home to several prestigious international schools, making it an ideal location for expatriate families. Prominent institutions like the International School of Panama and King’s College, The British School of Panama, offer high-quality education following international curricula. These schools boast multicultural environments that foster global citizenship among students.

Local Educational Facilities

Beyond international education, local schools such as the Instituto Atenea, a well-regarded bilingual school, enrich students with a curriculum that blends global learning standards with Panamanian culture and history. These institutions ensure a holistic education, creating well-rounded individuals prepared for local and international endeavors.


Hospitals and Clinics

The community prioritizes health and wellness, evident through its advanced medical facilities. The renowned Hospital Punta Pacifica, affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, is accessible within minutes, providing world-class healthcare services. Various specialized clinics throughout the address address a range of health needs, ensuring comprehensive medical care.

Hospital Panama, Costa del Este

Fitness Centers

Fitness enthusiasts enjoy diverse options, with facilities like Power Club and Oxygen Fitness Zone offering well-equipped spaces and various classes. But there are many other fitness centers and boutique studios in Costa del Este that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Malls and Local Shops

Retail therapy in Costa Del Este takes a diverse form. Town Center Costa Del Este, a prominent shopping destination, presents a mix of international retailers, specialty stores, and entertainment options. Additionally, local boutiques scattered around the area provide a taste of Panamanian flair, offering everything from artisan crafts to unique fashion pieces.

New mall in costa del este, panama

Restaurants and Bars

The dining landscape in Costa Del Este tantalizes every palate. Enjoy gourmet experiences at Los Años Locos, or explore casual yet trendy dining at ACHA Costa del Este, known for its exquisite seafood. The area’s lively bars and lounges, including the popular Blue Moon Bar, provide an ideal setting for evening relaxation and socialization.

Nightclub in Costa del Este

Parks and Recreational Areas

The allure of Costa Del Este’s green spaces cannot be overstated. Parque Recreativo y Deportivo Costa del Este is a local gem where residents indulge in various outdoor activities. It’s not just a place for leisure but a community hub where local events and sports competitions take place. Smaller parks, like Parque Felipe Motta, offer peaceful greenery, playgrounds, and walking trails, perfect for family outings or personal downtime.

Lifestyle and Leisure

Costa Del Este is a melting pot of diverse cultures, reflecting the varied backgrounds of its inhabitants. Throughout the year, the area hums with a mix of local and international events. A standout is the “Festival de la Mejorana” in nearby Guararé, a vibrant showcase of Panamanian folklore. Moreover, several embassies frequently organize events, including art exhibitions, concerts, and food festivals, adding to the neighborhood’s vibrant ambiance.

Beyond cultural festivities, Costa Del Este is a hub of social activity. Clubs and groups, ranging from the Costa Del Este Runners Club for fitness buffs to community charity groups, keep the community spirit alive. Expatriates find a warm welcome here, with special events celebrating international occasions. Plus, professionals benefit from numerous networking events, often held at the district’s premier venues.

Physical fitness is a cornerstone of life in Costa Del Este. Soccer fields, tennis courts, and cycling paths are plentiful, allowing residents to effortlessly weave exercise into their daily lives. The Tucán Country Club and Resort, close by, is a paradise for golf lovers. Moreover, the neighborhood’s green spaces are more than just picturesque; they serve as venues for organized community sports.

Even though Costa Del Este isn’t directly located on the beachfront, the ocean’s allure is hardly out of reach. Residents often find themselves taking short drives to the pristine Pacific coast beaches, such as Playa Bonita or the more intimate Playa Blanca. These locations serve as perfect getaways, where one can indulge in activities like surfing and snorkeling or simply bask in the sun’s warm embrace.


Safety and Security in Costa Del Este

Settling into a new neighborhood comes with fundamental considerations, one of the most crucial being the aspect of safety and security. In Costa Del Este, peace of mind isn’t a luxury- it’s a standard. Understanding the mechanisms in place that contribute to the well-being of residents provides reassurance for current and prospective individuals and families calling this area home.

In comparison to other regions, Costa Del Este stands out as one of the safer districts within Panama City. Statistical reports highlight a relatively low crime rate, particularly concerning violent crimes. Petty theft happens in cities, but it’s not as common here because the authorities and community work together. The sense of security enjoyed by residents is often cited as a significant factor influencing the decision to live in this suburban enclave.

In Costa Del Este, residential safety is very important. Most residential complexes, like high-rise towers and family homes in gated communities, have strict security measures. These include 24/7 security personnel, CCTV surveillance systems, and controlled access to buildings and communities. These strict measures make residents feel safer and add an extra layer of protection. Commercial areas, including shopping centers, office buildings, and recreational facilities, adhere to similar high standards of security. Regular patrols, visible security presence, and modern surveillance technology are common sights. Additionally, emergency protocols are well-established, ensuring swift and coordinated responses to any potential incidents, further deterring criminal activity.


Costa del Estes’ Real Estate Landscape

Transitioning from the general ambiance and offerings of Costa Del Este, a crucial aspect beckons to both prospective residents and investors alike: the real estate landscape. To make informed decisions in Costa Del Este, it’s important to understand the property types, investment insights, and procedural nuances of acquiring real estate. This market is known for its modernity and high standards.


Costa Del Este boasts a range of luxurious condominiums, often preferred for their upscale amenities and panoramic views of the city skyline and ocean. These properties typically offer added conveniences like communal swimming pools, gyms, and 24-hour security services, appealing to those seeking a high-end, low-maintenance lifestyle.


The available apartments in Costa Del Este are diverse, with options ranging from studio units for the individual professional to larger, family-friendly spaces. Residential complexes often have community benefits like condos, near commercial zones, great for urban living.

Villas and Townhouses:

For those desiring more space or a more family-oriented environment, villas and townhouses are a popular choice. These properties often feature multiple bedrooms, private gardens, and spacious layouts situated within gated communities. They provide a suburban feel, catering to those who prefer a quiet, more laid-back environment with the added security of community living.

Investment Potential

Real estate in Costa Del Este is more than just a place to call home; it’s a great investment as well. The area has seen consistent property value appreciation, thanks to ongoing development and its status as one of Panama City’s most prestigious neighborhoods. Its modern infrastructure, safety, and quality of life contribute to a real estate market poised for long-term growth.

The rental market in Costa Del Este is robust, driven by high demand from international professionals and local executives who seek the quality of life that the neighborhood offers. This presents a lucrative opportunity for property owners to generate significant rental income. The presence of multinational corporations and embassies nearby keeps the demand for high-end rental properties consistently high.



Costa Del Este is a top place to live in Panama City because of its many appealing features. From the sleek skyscrapers hosting luxurious apartments and condominiums to the serene, family-friendly gated communities, Costa Del Este doesn’t just offer a place to live; it promises a lifestyle. The living in this neighborhood is defined by its vibrant community spirit, as well as its safety, convenience, and thriving real estate market. It is place where cultures blend, families thrive, professionals excel, and retirees find leisurely peace. The neighborhood pulses with a collective energy that propels its social, economic, and cultural milieu, making every day a chance for diverse experiences.

Does the prospect of residing in a neighborhood that harmonizes urban convenience with suburban tranquility appeal to you? If Costa Del Este’s portrait of safety, community, and contemporary living resonates with your aspirations, then it may just be a destination to live for you.

At Panacrypto, we understand that the quest for the perfect home, investment, or even a new way of life is profoundly personal and significant. That’s why we are here to provide more than real estate solutions; we offer a gateway to a lifestyle. Our team is equipped with the expertise, resources, and dedication to guide you through your journey into Costa Del Este’s embracing community.

Contact Us for personalized consultations, property tours, and insights into life in Costa Del Este. Allow us to bridge the gap between your aspirations and reality with clarity, professionalism, and personal attention. We invite you to explore Costa Del Este not just as a place on a map, but as a canvas for your future experiences, relationships, and opportunities.

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