Exploring Coco Del Mar: Everything You Need to Know

Step into the captivating world of Coco Del Mar, where urban elegance meets coastal allure. In this guide, we’ll take you on an immersive journey through one of Panama City’s most sought-after neighborhoods. From its rich history to its modern amenities, we’ll uncover everything you need to know about Coco Del Mar. Join us as we explore the charm, convenience, and unique offerings of this vibrant residential enclave. Get ready to discover the secrets and treasures that make Coco Del Mar a coveted destination for both residents and investors alike.


The History of Coco del Mar

The history of Coco del Mar, an exclusive neighborhood in Panama City, reflects its evolution from a tranquil coastal area to a sought-after residential locale. The area’s development can be traced back to the 1930s when it began to establish itself as a suburban neighborhood. It has since become home to a mix of high-density apartment buildings and single-family homes, often occupied by government officials, executives, and the premises of foreign embassies.

Coco del Mar’s proximity to historic sites adds a layer of cultural significance. It is located near the ruins of Old Panama (Panamá Viejo), which were part of the original Spanish settlement established in the 16th century and later attacked by the pirate Henry Morgan. This historic backdrop contributes to the neighborhood’s charm and desirability. Today, Coco del Mar offers its residents a blend of modern amenities and serene natural beauty. The neighborhood is noted for its quiet, well-maintained environment, with lush green spaces and ocean views. It’s also conveniently close to downtown Panama City, providing easy access to urban conveniences while retaining a peaceful suburban feel.



Benefits of Living in Coco del Mar

Living in Coco del Mar offers numerous advantages, attracting both residents and investors alike. Below are several key benefits of residing in this vibrant neighborhood of Panama City:


Stunning Coastal Views and Location

Coco del Mar boasts breathtaking coastal vistas, fostering a tranquil and picturesque setting. Situated near the ocean, residents relish beachfront living with convenient access to water-based activities.


Connectivity and Convenience

This locale enjoys excellent connectivity to Panama City, facilitating easy commuting to business hubs and various parts of the metropolis. Proximity to major highways further enhances accessibility and mobility.


Elevated Quality of Life

Featuring upscale residential offerings, from lavish apartments to contemporary condos, Coco del Mar promises a superior standard of living. Renowned for its pristine and well-kept surroundings, the area epitomizes luxury living.


Community and Safety

Panama, rated low to moderate for crime by the US Department of State, hosts Coco del Mar, renowned for its safety owing to its size and strategic location. Notably, high-profile individuals, including government officials and foreign dignitaries, call this exclusive residential enclave home.


Investment Potential

Properties in Coco del Mar retain or appreciate due to its high demand and strategic location, offering a lucrative investment opportunity for buyers.


Features and Amenities of Coco del Mar

Coco del Mar combines urban living with family-friendly amenities. Here are the features and amenities for residents to enjoy:


Coco del Mar’s proximity to esteemed educational institutions makes it a prime choice for families. This upscale neighborhood boasts top schools like the Oxford International School and the Balboa Academy, renowned for their academic excellence and comprehensive programs.



Coco del Mar offers convenient access to diverse shopping options in Panama City. The prestigious Multiplaza Mall, known for luxury and designer boutiques, is nearby. The lively Atrio Mall, offering varied retail and entertainment choices, is also within reach. For a distinctive shopping experience, Coco del Mar boasts charming boutiques and shops, catering to various preferences and needs.



Residents of Coco del Mar enjoy convenient access to major transportation routes like the Corredor Sur highway and Cincuentenario Avenue, facilitating easy travel in any direction. Taxis are readily available, ensuring mobility, but travelers are advised to choose licensed cabs and confirm fares in advance. For safety and affordability, Uber is recommended, especially for foreigners, with fixed prices. Despite its compact size, Coco del Mar offers serene strolls along tree-lined streets, providing tranquil escapes amidst natural greenery and wildlife.



Coco del Mar residents enjoy dining at Panama City’s top restaurants, offering upscale international and authentic local cuisine. Maito is acclaimed for innovative fusion dishes with creative Panamanian flavors, while Restaurante Azafran serves exquisite Mediterranean-inspired fare. The area also features charming cafes and bistros, ideal for casual dining, artisanal coffee, and savory bites in a cozy atmosphere.


Healthcare Facility

Pacifica Salud – Hospital Punta Pacifica, the sole hospital affiliated with Johns Hopkins Hospital in Central America, provides convenient access to quality healthcare, located less than 10 minutes away by car.



The Real Estate Environment

Real Estate Average Prices

Coco del Mar presents lucrative real estate investment prospects in a fast-growing economy. Its trendy allure, strategic position, and sought-after lifestyle amenities are attracting property investors eyeing profitable opportunities.


Category Cost
Standard Apartment for Sale (average price per m2) $1,900
Standard Apartment for Rent (average price per m2) $11
Luxury Apartment for Sale (average price per m2) $3,400
Luxury Apartment for Rent (average price per m2) $26


Coco del Mar Real Estate Trends

Coco del Mar, Panama City, boasts a dynamic real estate market with diverse investment opportunities and ongoing developments. Renowned for luxury residences, it’s esteemed among Panama City’s elite neighborhoods. Recent trends emphasize modern living spaces with top-notch amenities. Notably, upscale projects like TRIBU offer contemporary loft apartments near Parque Omar, blending style and convenience. Properties vary widely in price, reflecting factors like location and exclusivity. Known for stunning ocean views, Coco del Mar presents a spectrum of listings, from high-end penthouses to newly built apartments, each reflecting modern design and amenities. Browse our properties in Panama City here!


Upscale Real Estate Developments in Coco del Mar

Coco del Mar is renowned for its upscale living environment, characterized by luxurious developments and cosmopolitan allure. Here’s a notable project within the vicinity:


P.H. Riviera del Golf

PH Riviera del Golf presents upscale living across 26 floors, offering apartments ranging from 183.55m² to 249.77m². Each unit boasts expansive living and dining spaces, an open kitchen with an island, two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and walk-in closets, a guest bathroom, and a maid’s room with a bath. Residents relish breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and the city, along with amenities like a double-height lobby, concierge salon, security checkpoint, three elevators, and a sprawling 1,500m² social area on the 600th level. With ample visitor parking, two private parking spaces per unit, and storage facilities, P.H. Riviera del Golf seamlessly combines sophistication, comfort, and convenience in Panama City’s premier locale. Prices for apartments start at $491,000.


P.H. Next

PH Next presents 35 levels of apartments suitable for small families or couples, ranging from 89m² to 119m², with larger penthouses from 147m² to 177m². The development boasts an array of amenities, including sports facilities, pools, a fitness club, and spaces for children and pets. It also features a coworking space for professionals and leisure options like a party room and cinema, offering a comprehensive living experience. Strategically situated at Via Cincuentenario and Calle 79 Este, NEXT provides easy access to city amenities in Coco del Mar. With prices starting at $310,600, NEXT offers a lifestyle choice for those seeking a balanced living in Panama City’s heart.



In conclusion, Coco Del Mar emerges as a captivating blend of history, charm, and modernity, making it a prime destination in Panama City. From its rich heritage to its contemporary amenities, this neighborhood offers an enticing lifestyle for residents and promising investment opportunities for investors. Whether drawn by its coastal allure or urban elegance, Coco Del Mar stands as a testament to the dynamic spirit of Panama City. Embark on your journey to explore this vibrant enclave and uncover the treasures it holds for both residents and investors alike.

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