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“NEXT” is a standout real estate project in Panama City’s Coco del Mar, offering 35 levels of apartments perfect for small families or couples. These homes range from 89m² to 119m², with larger penthouses between 147m² to 177m². NEXT combines affordability with luxury, featuring high-quality finishes, fast elevators, a water reserve tank, a total power plant, and guest parking, ensuring comfort and convenience. The development shines with its wide array of amenities, including sports facilities, pools, a fitness club, and spaces designed for both children and pets. It also caters to professional needs with a coworking space and offers leisure through a party room, cinema, and more, making it a complete living environment. Located strategically at Via Cincuentenario and Calle 79 Este, NEXT sits in a central yet peaceful part of Coco del Mar. This prime location ensures easy access to city amenities while being part of a vibrant residential community. NEXT is not just a place to live; it’s a lifestyle choice for those seeking a balanced, fulfilling life in the heart of Panama City.

Starting at:            $310,600

Impressions of NEXT

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The Available Layouts

Model A features a generous space of 119 square meters, including three bedrooms and four bathrooms. This layout not only offers ample room for a family but also ensures privacy and convenience with an extra bathroom. The design is modern, highlighted by wooden elements that add warmth and elegance. Large windows in every room fill the space with natural light, enhancing the sleek and spacious feel.

Model B is designed for those who love smart and stylish living within a space of 90 or 91 square meters. It comes with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, making it perfect for individuals or small families. The apartment combines modern aesthetics with practicality, featuring wooden details and a floor plan that includes a balcony, extending the living space outdoors for moments of relaxation.

Model C spans 119 square meters and is thoughtfully arranged with two bedrooms and three bathrooms. This model offers the luxury of extra space, which can be adapted into a home office or a guest room, providing flexibility alongside its modern design and wooden accents. The smart layout ensures that every square meter is used effectively, creating a comfortable and stylish home.

Model D provides a comfortable living area of 106 square meters, housing three bedrooms and three bathrooms. This model is perfect for families or those who need an extra room for guests. It combines elegance with functionality, featuring a modern design with wooden touches and a layout that supports both creativity in decoration and efficiency in use.

Model E is an ideal choice for those seeking a compact yet functional living space, offering two bedrooms and two bathrooms within an 89 or 90 square meter area. The apartment’s design focuses on efficiency and style, with wooden elements and a layout that maximizes space usage. The kitchen’s open design to the living area makes it perfect for those who enjoy entertaining guests.

Model F covers an area of 106 square meters and includes three bedrooms and three bathrooms. This model distinguishes itself with a master suite that has its own private balcony, providing a peaceful retreat. The interior design is both modern and inviting, with wooden details that create a cozy atmosphere. The thoughtful arrangement of spaces allows for a comfortable and elegant living environment.



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The Amenities & Facilities

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The Location of NEXT

“NEXT” in Coco del Mar, Panama City, is where city life meets the calm of the waterfront, in a fancy area known for its quiet and luxury. Here, you’ll find new apartments and old houses, all with views of the ocean and lots of green spaces around. It’s close to downtown, so shopping, health services, and cultural spots are easy to get to, but it still feels like a quiet suburb. Coco del Mar has been a special place since the 1930s, giving the neighborhood an extra touch of culture and making it feel more exclusive. The area is really peaceful, with well-kept streets, lots of plants, and you can go straight to the beach. Living here means you get the best of both worlds: the handy parts of city living and the quiet of a beachside spot. Its great location also means getting to city landmarks and the airport is easy, making it a top pick for a fancy, well-connected home.

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