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The Residences in Panama City sets a new standard for luxury oceanfront living. This elegant condominium offers a range of exclusive apartments, from 360 m² units with 3 bedrooms to expansive 705 m², 721 m², and 767 m² apartments, as well as two-level penthouses up to 1397 m². Each residence features an entrance hall, living and dining areas, ocean-view terraces, and bedrooms with walk-in closets. The development boasts first-class amenities, including three swimming pools, a state-of-the-art gym, a social room for events, and breathtaking sea views. With options for plain, white-line, or furnished finishes and additional parking and storage available for purchase, P.H. The Residences offers unparalleled luxury and exclusivity in Panama City’s oceanfront living.

Starting at:            $1,038,000

Impressions of The Residences

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The Available Layouts

This luxuriously designed layout that spans 346.28m2, meticulously crafted for comfort and elegance. This spacious apartment features three well-appointed bedrooms, each creating a private haven of relaxation. Accompanying the bedrooms are four beautifully designed bathrooms, ensuring convenience and luxury for both residents and guests.

The layout is thoughtfully designed to maximize living space, blending functionality with sophistication. The living areas are expansive, providing a perfect setting for family gatherings or entertaining guests, all while basking in the refined ambiance of the residence. The kitchen, a masterpiece of design, is equipped to cater to all culinary needs, merging practicality with high-end aesthetics.

Every detail in this layout has been considered to create a harmonious balance of luxury, comfort, and style, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a high-quality living experience in Panama City’s The Residences.

The penthouse at The Residences, an expansive 767.86m2 space, redefines luxury living. This magnificent penthouse features four lavish bedrooms, each complete with a walk-in closet, providing ample space and privacy. Accompanying these bedrooms are five elegant bathrooms, each designed with sophistication and comfort in mind.

The layout includes a separate breakfast room, perfect for casual dining or morning gatherings, adding an element of coziness to the luxurious setting. Additionally, the penthouse is equipped with two service rooms, each with its own bathroom, ensuring convenience and functionality for both residents and staff.

This penthouse, with its spacious design and high-end finishes, represents the ultimate in luxury living at The Residences, catering to those who desire an elevated lifestyle.

The grand penthouse at The Residences, sprawling across 1387.73m2, epitomizes the height of luxury and space. This prestigious residence boasts four opulent bedrooms, each complemented by five well-appointed bathrooms, ensuring both luxury and privacy.

Each bedroom is enhanced by a spacious walk-in closet, offering ample storage and an added touch of elegance. The residence also features an independent breakfast room, creating an intimate space for morning gatherings and casual dining.

Additionally, the grand penthouse includes two service rooms, each with its own bathroom, providing practicality and convenience for household staff. This expansive and meticulously designed penthouse is the ultimate expression of luxury living at The Residences, perfect for those who seek an unparalleled living experience.

The master penthouse at The Residences, an impressive 1398.6m2 in size, is the epitome of luxury and grandeur. This expansive penthouse features four sumptuous bedrooms, each accompanied by five exquisite bathrooms, providing the pinnacle of comfort and privacy.

Every bedroom is equipped with a spacious walk-in closet, blending functionality with luxury. The penthouse also includes a dedicated independent breakfast room, offering a cozy and private space for morning meals and casual dining.

Further enhancing its appeal, the master penthouse comprises two service rooms, each with its own bathroom, ensuring convenience and efficiency for household maintenance. This master penthouse, with its vast space and sophisticated design, is designed for those who desire the ultimate in luxury living at The Residences.


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The Amenities & Facilities

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The Location of The Residences

The Residences is ideally situated in the distinguished Punta Pacifica neighborhood of Panama City, a locale synonymous with luxury and exclusivity. This prestigious area is known for its opulent living spaces and breathtaking ocean views, making The Residences a jewel in one of the city’s most sought-after districts. The location offers a perfect balance of serene coastal ambiance and vibrant urban life, providing easy access to Panama City’s bustling business centers, cultural hotspots, and entertainment options. This blend of peaceful living and city dynamism at The Residences epitomizes the pinnacle of sophisticated urban lifestyle.

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