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Located in the heart of Costa del Este, Panama City’s new residential highlight, Bioma is a testament to modern living and thoughtful design. Developed in partnership with the innovative design firm Mallol, this project offers a living experience where comfort meets convenience in a community setting. Bioma is more than just a place to live; it’s where life’s moments are elevated through a blend of natural beauty and urban amenities. With breathtaking panoramic views, expansive terraces for outdoor enjoyment, and a diverse range of amenities from tranquil gardens to lively social areas, Bioma redefines what it means to call a place home. Here, residents enjoy the best of both worlds: the peace of a well-planned community and the excitement of city life, all within the prestigious setting of Costa del Este.

Starting at:            $325,000

Impressions of Bioma

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The Available Layouts

Efficient Layouts: The Bioma project offers a range of floor plans on levels 9 to 19, with sizes including 97m² (1044 sq ft), 114m² (1227 sq ft), and 130m² (1399 sq ft). Each layout is meticulously designed to maximize space utilization and enhance the living experience.

Versatile Room Configurations: With options for two-bedroom layouts in the 97m² and 130m² apartments and a one-bedroom configuration for the 114m² apartments, Bioma caters to diverse needs, from singles and couples to small families, providing a blend of comfort, privacy, and style.

Intelligent Design: The two-bedroom apartments are perfect for those seeking more space or a guest room, while the one-bedroom apartment offers an intimate yet spacious environment for singles or couples. Each apartment is designed to balance personal space with areas for entertaining and relaxation.

Exclusive Living Experience: Bioma ensures a unique sense of community and exclusivity, with a limited number of apartments per floor, offering residents private and serene living spaces. The thoughtful distribution of apartments allows for natural light and panoramic views, elevating the daily living experience.


Diverse Options: Spanning from 65 sqm (700 sq ft) to 114 sqm (1227 sq ft), the Bioma project offers a range of floor plans tailored to cater to various lifestyle needs and preferences. These layouts are available across the levels 22-30 & 32-39, ensuring a fit for every resident’s vision of home.

Configurations to Suit Every Need: The smaller 65 sqm and 89 sqm apartments are perfectly structured with one bedroom, offering an intimate and cozy living space ideal for singles or couples. On the other hand, the more spacious 97, 100, and 114 sqm layouts feature two bedrooms, providing ample space for families or those desiring extra room.

Practical and Spacious Living: Each floor plan is thoughtfully designed to maximize living space, ensuring a blend of comfort, style, and functionality. From the well-appointed bedrooms to the expansive living areas, every inch of space is utilized to create a welcoming environment for residents.

Shared and Private Spaces: Balancing community and privacy, these floor plans are strategically designed to foster a sense of community among residents while ensuring personal spaces remain undisturbed. The intelligent layout of the building allows for easy access to shared amenities while maintaining the tranquility of private apartments.


Diverse Living Spaces: Spanning floor sizes from 89 sqm (958 sq ft) to 156 sqm (1679 sq ft), these layouts present a variety of living options, accommodating different lifestyles and family sizes. Each apartment is crafted to provide ample space for daily activities, relaxation, and entertainment.

Configurations for Every Need: With layouts varying from one to three bedrooms and one to three bathrooms, these floor plans cater to a wide range of preferences and needs. Every apartment promises a balance of privacy and comfort, making it a suitable choice for individuals, couples, or families.

Adaptable Design: The thoughtful design of these apartments includes features that adapt to the residents’ needs, offering flexibility in how spaces are utilized. Whether for work from home setups or family gatherings, the layouts are designed to support various activities and lifestyles.

Selective Placement: These floor plans are designated for the levels 42 to 49 & 51 to 56, ensuring that each apartment benefits from optimal positioning within the building. This strategic allocation allows for enhanced living experiences, with select apartments offering stunning views and natural light.

Fluid Living Environments: The design philosophy behind these floor plans emphasizes a harmonious flow between different living spaces. From the living areas to the bedrooms and terraces, each space transitions smoothly, creating an inviting and cohesive home environment.


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The Amenities & Facilities

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The Location of Bioma

Bioma finds its place at the core of Costa del Este, marking Panama City’s next premier residential and economic zone, distinguished by its intentional design and standards of a developed community. This area, planned with precision, stands as a beacon of growth, exclusivity, and accessibility, attracting global corporations and a vibrant international populace. Positioned to offer magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean, Costa del Este connects effortlessly with the city’s lively rhythm, granting its inhabitants a harmonious mix of advanced urban infrastructure and natural allure, while providing proximity to essential city spots and conveniences.

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