A New Financial Hub

Why Panama?

Except from being Latin America’s main economic hub and a key player in global trading, Panama holds one of the best investment opportunities worldwide. Not only because the real estate market offers ambitious projects and a high ROI to its investors but also because of the fertile farmland the country sits on. The geographic location of Panama enables fast and easy travel and logistics between the Americas as well, being situated only about 3 hours by flight away from Miami.

Security & Asset Protection

When investing into a country, the security of that investment has to be guaranteed. As a country that is specialized in the financial and legal services sector, Panama has enacted very strict foreign investor protection laws to guarantee the protection of your assets. Panama also has the lowest crime rate and the most stable and functional government in the entire region, granting you with additional levels of security.

Fast Economic Growth

Thanks to growth oriented tax rates and reasonable levels of regulation, Panama’s GDP has increased by a factor of 6 in the past 25 years. During the same time, its capitols population has almost doubled – now at about 1.9 million people, the countries entire population being at 4.3 million. Beautiful beaches, both at the Caribbean and Pacific coast, pristine landscapes and a wide array of hotels and resorts have made Panama a popular destination to visit – growing its tourism sector by a factor of 2 since the year 2010 alone. With Tocumen’s second terminal finally constructed, the airport can now transport an estimated 25 million passengers a year, a promising development for it’s entire economy.

Panama's Amazing Geography & Rich Geology

Being the connecting link between North and South America, Panama’s geograhic location makes it indispensible for international air travel and logistics. With the canal, about 6% of global maritime trade goes through Panama – a truly strategic position for the country. Panama’s soil is extremely rich in copper and important other elements, the countries mining effort thus generate a solid stream of income as well. The Cobre Panama is one of the largest active copper mines in the world, securing Panama’s position in the coming commodity supercycle. Being abundant in raw materials that are important to modern technologies gives Panama a real advantage over many of it’s competitors.