Welcome To TES Village Belize!

Belize is the perfect vacation home or secondary residence for US Americans and other english speaking individuals from around the world! With a strong banking sector, a growing economy and booming real estate market, Belize might just be the perfect investment for you!

Eco friendly luxury living in the heart of the Carribean – welcome to TES Village Belize!

Amazing Tiny Homes In Ambergris Caye, Belize

Eco friendly and sustainable living in the Carribean – welcome to Belize! The TES Village Belize may just be the perfect fit for you!

Enjoy pristine landscapes, turquoise sea water and a beautiful country with promising economic upswing!

Welcome to Belize.

Minimalist Studio "Blue Coral"

Well designed, modern minimalist studio for singles, couples and holiday trips! Perfect for digital nomads, this studio invites us with a clean and bright atmosphere.

Cozy Tiny Home "Sea Turtle"

This elegant and modern studio offers one bedroom, one bathroom, kitchen, dining area and a beautiful front terrace. Perfect for singles and couples!

Enjoy modern minimalism and luxury living in the beautiful and warm country of Belize!

Innovative Tiny Home "Starfish"

This one bedroom, one bathroom model strikes out with it’s intelligent room design, maximizing usable living space!

The combination of natural materials like wood with the clean, elegant looks of a modern loft makes this concept really inviting to live in!

Buy Your Dream Tiny Home With Bitcoin!

We can accept various means of payment for the TES Village Belize, such as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, cash, wire transfer etc.

We can also accept split payments, for example: 50% in Bitcoin or Ethereum, 50% in Euro or Dollar.

Welcome To Belize - Welcome To TES Village!

For further details like prices, availability of properties, immigration and so on, feel free to ask us anything!

We will gladly help you with any of your questions.