Wooden Cottage With Incredible Views

Total Price: $ 50,000

Total Price:

$ 50,000


Basic facts about the wooden cottage

Not long ago the community of Loma Estrella and the coastal community of Tierra Oscura were separated by a massive swath of jungle. New government commitments to allow every school emergency access and electricity has inspired a new road to connect the comminities. Every second of the ride offers incredible views in all directions, but this little wooden Cottage has the creme de la creme!

Already corporations in the archipelago have perked their ears in the direction of Tierra Oscura and all the commercial potential the new road offers to the calmest most protected bay in the archipelago, the Tierra Oscura lagoon. There are talks of a new water taxi route offering a public transport to the area, meaning exploring the archipelago from your continental land base will be cheaper than ever.

The land

With views this big, you only need a little land! 400m2 is the perfect perch for this adorable wooden cabin. Now road accessible, the logistics of living in paradise just got a whole lot easier. With magnificent Western views towards the Costa Rican border, this cabin looks down on Isla Pastor and the Caribbean sea that surrounds it. Catching all the Northern breeze you could ask for, the Cabin will be the perfect rest stop for all your outdoor adventures.

The dream

The Wooden Cottage with Incredible views is perfect for: a private get away. Explore all that Bocas has to offer on the mainland and throughout the islands then retreat to your private cabana, away from the bustling tourist world!

Beside the little wooden cottage is a further 5000 m2 available for purchase, the expanition could allow for the creation of some similar cabanas. Swimming,surfing, snorkelling, and diving are among the popular arctivities of the islands, but the continent has been forgotten among tourists! There are plenty of hikes and waterfalls, local chocolate farms and nature tours to be discovered. Almirante is half an hour away for easy access to grocieries, more options availoable in Changuinola and the big city of David is only a 3 hour drive from this beautiful location


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