Mountain View Home With Rooftop Patio In Palma Real

Total Price: $ 160,000

Total Price:

$ 160,000


A Pleasent Home With Rooftop Patio In Palma Real, Chiriqui

This lovely 2 bedroom home is located in the small community of Palma Real, which is conveniently half an hour’s drive from David, Volcan and Boquete. At 850 meters of elevation the climate is spring-like year round, never too hot, and chilly enough at night to cozy up in your duvet.

The property is accessible via a well maintained gravel road off the scenic highway which strings together the province’s highland towns. This community of Palma Real has an elementary school and is lightly populated with homes amongst private gardens and farms. The town is sandwiched between two gorgeous rivers, the Majagua and the David, and Volcan Baru sits high to the North- the grand centerpiece to this home’s spectacular view.


The Home

In 2018, this simple home of 161 square meters was built with functionality in mind, but it has features that set it apart from the average. Our favorite feature is the Rooftop Patio perched above the 2 vehicle carport, this vantage point offers unobstructed views of Volcan Baru, and the gardens and Cana fields that surround the property. From the hammocks, hidden behind Bougenvilla, a huge variety of birds can be seen as they migrate through Chiriqui’s Valleys.

Inside the home is an open concept kitchen and living space, one large and one medium sized bedroom, and a full bathroom. Out the back door is a large covered patio, used as a dining space, and a second bathroom with a washer/dryer combo.

The colors of the home are neutral, with granite countertops in the kitchen and earth coloured tiles throughout the home.


The Land

The home occupies one third of the 600 m2 fenced lot, and is surrounded by fruit trees, edible roots and medicinal plants which are native to the environment. The garden is jungle like, and is decorated with flowering plants that attract many varieties of hummingbird and butterflies.

The backyard lawn provides an open place for the kids to play. It faces Baru to the North, Hannah the horse neighbor to the East and on occasion Gecko the Parrot neighbor to the West.


The Dream

The Pleasant Home with Rooftop Patio is perfect for the simple life:

Dive into a wonderful, colourful neighborhood, filled with sweet people and animals. Simplify life and get back to what matters- health, safety and peace of mind.


The Pleasant Home with Rooftop Patio is perfect for a small family:

With an elementary school and natural river pools within walking distance, this house and garden is perfect for a little family. Grow your own food and trade with the neighbors, everyone in this community is warm and friendly.


The Pleasant Home with Rooftop patio is perfect for a retiree:

A peaceful place to relax and enjoy, with community activities half an hour from home.


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