Bell Bird Bungalow & 3 Titled Jungle Lots

Total Price: $ 65,000

Total Price:

$ 65,000


Basic facts about the Bell Bird Bungalow and jungle lots

Nestled in a cloud forest valley in the highlands of Chiriqui, this lovely riverside Cabana is a treasure for bird lovers and those who seek a serene escape. The Bell Bird Bungalow is surrounded by 2 hectares of jungle which the current owner has lovingly preserved.

Except around the cabin’s 500 m2 garden, the natural landscape of the surrounding lots have not been disturbed in close to 70 years, allowing what once had been cleared for pasture, to return to the complex wildlife habitat it was prior. Because of the owener’s efforts, we have catagorized this property as ‘Conservation Land’, please note this land has been protected by choice, not by law.

Roughly 40 minutes from David and 35 minutes from Boquete, this highland hideout feels much more secluded than the distance would allude to!

The land

This property is divided in 4 titled lots, which cross over the curves of a river and are bordered by the switchbacks of a highland road. This means all 4 potions have riverfront and road access!

Divided in 4 titled lots, the property is as follows:

Lot 1- 503 m2 for 65,000 USD

This lot has the road accessible Bellbird Bungalow on it! Surrounded by a small and manageable riverside garden and the covered parking space.

Lot 2- 2913 m2 for 15,000 USD

This lot is a small peninsula wrapped by the curve of the river, and would be an excellent expansion to Lot 1, as the road access is on the same side of the river.

Lot 3- 3303 m2 for 15,000 USD

This lot is accessible by road from the opposite side of the river than the first 2 lots. It has an elevated building plateau and slopes down to the river’s edge. It could be a great purchase with the BellBird Bungalow on Lot 1, in this case a small bridge could be build across the river to ajoin Lots 3 and 1.

Lot 4 – is 1 hectare and 4418 m2 is 65,000 USD

This lot is by far the largest, and is accessible from the road above ( like Lot 3). It has one large potential building site at the highest portion of the entire property, then steeply descends into the river valley below. The building plateau is road accessible and has electricity, the rest is pristine nature!

Please note, that if bought together, the prices of these lots are negotiable.

The dream

The Bellbird Bungalow and the 3 surrounding lots are perfect for: a secluded life

Make your escape plan a reality no matter what your budget! A life in the lush jungles of Panama is rich in everyway, but your bank account would never know it!

The Bellbird Bungalow and the 3 surrounding lots are perfect for: A birder’s paradise

Create little cabins, and benched look outs throughout this interesting property! The topography offers a unique park to create paths, plant pollinators and further attract the great variety of birds who migrate through this fabulous transition zone.

The building

The Cabin is one open room, with a separate bathroom. It is cozy, and fits a king sized bed, a desk, a den or entertainment area, the kitchen and a dining space. A lovely feature of this romantic little cabin is its riverfront porch.


electricity Furnished Jungle View Kitchen Riverfront Storage Area Water WiFi

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