Private Island plus 1.5 hectares on Isla Cristobal

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$ 300,000

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A Lovely Private Island, Plus 1.5 Hectares On Isla Cristóbal

15 minutes from Bocas Town by boat, this gorgeous little private island is a satellite of Bocas del Toro’s Isla Cristóbal. The little private island is only 30 cayuko strokes from its 1.5 hectare base on Isla cristóbal, which is included in the sale.  The most exciting thing about this property is the incredible Coral reef which surrounds it on 3 sides.


The Private Island

The 2500 m2 private island is accessible via a deep water bay between its west shore and Isla Cristobal. The size of the island represents the hard ground only, which stretches 222 meters in length, but if you were to measure the island with its crown of mangroves it would appear much greater in length… meaning lots of coast line for over the water cabanas!

The side of the island exposed to the wide water chanel through the bay of Almirante, is protected by a band of mangroves and almost a heactare of shallow reef which sprawls out in the shape of a plump starfish.

The private island has the concrete remains of a cabana and its composting lavatory, and an obvious access point near the building site is where the dock would be rebuilt. Palm trees and noni grow on the land.


The Crisobal Lot

The 1.5 hectares of Isla Cristobal is a flat rectangle, and is located directly across the deep water bay from the private island, adjoined by a strip of mesmerizing reef. The lot is fully fenced and has 2 natural breaks in the mangrove which would each welcome access docks. The Cristobal lot has a forest of Ajo trees, which are commonly used for the traditional construction of thatch roofs all throughout the archipelago.

The strategic joint purchase of the private island and the 1.5 hectares offers future owners complete control of this sheltered bay.


The Dream

The Private Island and 1.5 hectares of Cristobal is perfect for: a Coral Restoration and Education Center or dive center

Close to town for easy shuttling of guests, the island would provide a beautiful ground floor workshop, and perhaps a second story classroom. Owners could create a home and dock on the Cristobal Lot and use the sheltered bay for storing equipment and controlled grows.

The Private Island and 1.5 hectares of Cristobal is perfect for: A small over the water resort

Use the Private Island as a communal space for dining, with boardwalks through the mangroves to reach the beautiful reef. Over the water cabanas would be better off on the bay side to catch northern breeze, and to protect the reef ecosystem. The bay is the perfect place for kayaks and stand up paddle boards, and downtown Bocas town is within sight, easy on logistics!

The Private Island and 1.5 hectares of Cristobal is perfect for: A destination Restaurant

Take some inspiration from a couple of the iconic spots in the Bocas del Toro archipelago… the Floating Bar and the Blue Coconut to name a few!

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