Exotic Fruit and Hardwood Farm in Las Lajas de Tole

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$ 375,000

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An Exotic Fruit And Hardwood Orchard With Breathtaking Views In Las Lajas De Tole

The list of trees growing on this gorgeous farm in Las Lajas de Tole is almost as astounding as the property’s views! Ranging from the national marine park island of COIBA, to Chiriqui’s Volcan Baru, from an elevation of 500 meters, the vistas are unbeatable.

Las Lajas de Tole is an hour and a few minutes from both David and Satiago, 10 minutes from the sea, and 45 minutes from the long beaches of Las Lajas.


The Land

The 5.3  hectare property is accessible via a country road only frequented by people who live in the vicinity. The road is paved, and serviced by a community bus.

Arriving at the gate, you enter at the highest point of the property, a large plateau where the buildings are located. A masterfully crafted studio cabin, a storage unit with a covered parking space, an outdoor kitchen, and a well which pumps water from the property’s own spring, are all in the first third of the plateau.

Beyond this infrastructure lies 5 hectares left to play with, starting with a fully fenced orchard, growing Citrus, Guanabana, Mango and Mangostene, Cashews, Avocado and Dragon Fruit to name a few, 2 more spectacular building sites await with sprawling views!

A trail on the property leads down to the next orchard, located midway down the valley which forms in the center of the parcel. Here you will find happy coffee trees, thriving specialty hardwoods, and many more tropical varieties of fruit thanks to the valley’s miraculously moist microclimate!

At the base of the Valley is a creek, and pipe which extends from the spring. It is the current owner’s dream to install a natural pool in this location.


The Buildings

Cabana is an understated title for this luxurious little dwelling! Made of treated pine with a Nispero front porch, this perfect tiny home fits a king sized bed with westward panoramic sea views through the oversized windows. Hand made finishing touches like the wooden sink give the cabana a warm and comfortable touch.

The storage unit can be locked up easily for snowbirds to feel carefree leaving the property during North American/European summer months. The neighborhood of Las Lajas de Tole is incredibly tight knit and safe, and the same family has overseen the property for 2 generations already, and never experienced a theft or anything of the like.

The covered parking space is currently sheltering a jetski and trailer as the beach and a new marina are only 10 minutes away! The new marina is the gateway to an incredible variety of islands and water activities that you can enjoy with hardly a soul in sight! Surfing, fishing and diving are all within reach and the area is known to offer the best of each. The new marina offers a variety of membership options for you to choose from depending on your intended use.

Next to the well is a rack intended for solar panels, for a future owner to use for pumping water and powering the cabana. The septic system was designed to support the development of 2 more buildings, and is set up for an easy connection.


The Dream

The Exotic Fruit and Hardwood Orchard in Las Lajas de Tole is perfect for: Your dream home

This Oasis is yours for the taking. Save the rent you would spend while developing your dream home, and move into this adorable future guest cabin, while offsetting the cost of living by harvesting the incredible variety of edibles on site.

The Exotic Fruit and Hardwood Orchard in Las Lajas de Tole is perfect for: Your Organic micro farm

Enlist a team of sheep to maintain your grass and fertilize your fruit trees! Hit up the farmer’s market with an unique selection of Organic goods, or keep them all for your autonomous lifestyle. No pesticides have been used on this farm.

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