Breque River Canyon Lot

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$ 140,000

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Breque River Canyon Lot In Paraiso

Paraiso is a picturesque town centrally located in the Tierras Altas of Chiriqui. This peaceful community is family oriented, safe, and smack in the middle of the Boquete, David, Volcan triangle. As the town slopes down the outskirts of Volcan Baru, many properties offer riverfrontage, or expansive views over the low lands of Chiriqui, and the Pacific Ocean.

At around 700 meters altitude, with excellent volcanic soil and multiple rivers and streams, this area is perfect for nature adventures, bird watching and farming.  Many floral nurseries thrive in the community, giving the area a colorful, joyful aire.  The bud that is just beginning to bloom in Paraiso is tourism, and the Breque River Canyon Lot is the perfect invitation to grow this underdeveloped opportunity.

The Land

The Breque River Canyon Lot, is literally tucked within the Breque Canyon, with elevated flat land about 6-10 meters above the Breque River itself. The property’s river border is 200 meters long, and  access to the property is simple, as it’s just off the country highway that dips down into the canyon and over a bridge to the other side.

The simplicity of developing the Breque River Canyon Lot doesnt stop at the newly paved road, this property has access to city amenities like water and electricity.

The Dream

The Breque River Canyon Lot is perfect for : a BNB and Eco-Tourism

Paraiso has 2 touristic points of interest that can be found on travel blogs if you dig deep, Macho de Monte Canyon and pools, and a zip line that crosses the Breques River Canyon! So far these are more or less just day trips for travelers making the effort to visit, but rooms and a restaurant would thrive at this location.

Your Riverfront Eco-Lodge could serve as a beautiful stop over for travelers voyaging between Volcan and Boquete, perhaps a scenic overnight stop  for those who hiked the Quetzal Trail. A longer term rental market would likely cater to  Ornithologists who want to check off multiple species on their Panama Birding lists as the Breque River Canyon Lot is nestled in a wonderful transitional zone on a hot migratory path.

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