Bocas Grande, A Big Slice Of Paradise

Total Price: $ 3,000,000


$ 3,000,000

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Large Scale Land Acquisition In Panama

A hot spot for tourism and bio-diversity alike, it’s rare to find opportunities for large scale land acquisition in this off-grid though ever-developing corner of the world. Bocas Grande is you’re chance to own a big slice of paradise in Bocas Del Toro. 114 Hectares of lush mainland is an ideal large scale land acquisition for Off-grid developers, conservationists or entrepreneurs looking to take advantage of the unique location.

The Land
The property spans the width of a mainland peninsula that separates the gigantic deep water bay Chiriqui Lagoon, from the smaller Dolphin Bay and Tierra Oscura Lagoons. This interesting geological formation means the property boasts water access on both sides. The Bocas Grande property is already segregated into 3 separate lots, each with great elevation, fresh water sources, Virgin Forest and waterfront access. On the 114 Hectares there is a waterfall, and a soccer field.
The Buildings
1 rustic concrete home is on the western segregation of the property.   Bocas Grande is perfectly suited to provide sustainable development opportunities and conservation initiatives.

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