Astonishing 25ha of Private Beach With Natural Harbor

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$ 2,500,000

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A Private Beach On The Lush Pacific Coast Of Veraguas

Playa Brava, is 2 kms of sand and surf, only for you and yours. 25 Hectares of wild jungle buffer you from the outside world, it’s the perfect sailing destination to disconnect and re-ground. You might not want to leave, and that’s okay, because this private beach has all the natural resources to make ‘staying’ an option!


The Location

Playa Brava is located on the Pacific coast of Veraguas, near the small fishing village of Pixvae. Boat access only, Playa Brava faces the popular tourist destination COIBA national Marine Park, and the world renowned fishing hot spot, Hanibal Bank. The proximity to these natural wonders makes this property a key location for Tourism, and water depths on the property are ideal for a marina. A well established dock would make this property a feasible sailing charter from Chiriqui or Panama City, and the closest launching point to Coiba. If accessing the property first by land, there are 2 alternative ports of access, one can drive to Pixvae or  Puerto Vidal, and from there hire a lancha to deliver you beachfront. Each access route is viewable in the maps provided in our gallery.   


The Land

1 kilometer of uninterrupted beach front plus another 150 meters of beach in an adjacent bay, makes a total of 2 kilometers of coast line, which are backed by impenetrable wilderness. There is no through traffic here, not even service roads for neighboring properties, absolute privacy is guaranteed.

Playa Brava’s 25 hectares has live/sweet water all year round, guaranteed. It has two large natural river pools with cascading waterfalls , and several smaller pools deep enough to submerge. The property has spectacular views and more than 15 hectares of flat land, ideal for building an Eco-Hotel. There is enough water to support a large off-grid project, enough sun to power panels and river current for turbines.

The property line has been cleaned and fenced since 2007, and all papers are up to date and in order with Anati, ready for the titling process to commence should an investor want to complete the process. In the event of a sale, the owner has agreed to personally attend all meetings with ministries, courts, neighbors etc, to prove that he is the sole owner and that he is selling with 100% security.


The Buildings

There is one small yellow beach house on the property. Modest, but well maintained. this one bedroom home is all one needs for comfortable shelter after a day with their toes in the sand, or exploring the jungle.

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