Affordable Riverside Lot

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$ 45,000

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An Affordable Riverside Lot In Paraiso, Chiriqui

Located in beautiful Paraiso, Chiriqui, this highland lot is accessible via the Ruta Sur Highway which connects Boquete to Volcan. The property is located 30 minutes from Volcan, and 50 minutes from the town of Boquete or the city of David. where you will find big box stores and an international airport. While offering conveniences of city water and electricity, this rural town is just far enough away from the hussle to merit the name Paradise!


The Land

This square lot is on a gravel road off the scenic Ruta Sur, with little to no traffic. A flat lot of 3000 m2, the property has a live fence separating it from the pasture land that surrounds, to enusre no mooing neighbors drop by to assess the garden.

The property is steps from the banks of the beautiful Rio Paraiso. You could almost consider this lot riverfront, though there is a strip of pasture between the property and the river, so we will call it “riverside”… It is certainly near enough to listen to the flowing water, profit from it’s fresh river breeze, and there is a pathway to satisfy your want for cooling dips.


The Dream

The Affordable Riverside Lot is perfect for your dream home:

Removed from the main road, revamp your daily soundtrack from traffic to the soft lullaby of the Rio Paraiso. A calming place in a crazy world, with lots of space and fertilizer for a heavenly garden.

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