Loma Estrella Valley Property

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$ 65,000

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Basic Facts About The Loma Estrella Valley Property

Only a year ago the road side community of Loma Estrella and the coastal community of Tierra Oscura were separated by a massive swath of jungle. Never in a million years did I think the government would carve a  road up and down this seemingly impenetrable wall of nature to connect the David/Almirante Highway to the little waterfront town of Tierra Oscura. Although fleets of brightly colored panga boats flock to the little town for Ernie’s famous fried chicken, why would the government go to such lengths to provide road access? The answer is the School! New government commitments to allow every school emergency access and electricity inspired such an endeavor, and when you ride this road, you will imagine the budget it took to actualize. Every second of the ride offers incredible views in all directions, at the top in Loma Estrella views cascade North over Isla Pastor and the turquoise waters that surround, as you descend, you can see South down Bocas’ curvy coastline all the way to Chiriqui Grande.

Already corporations in the archipelago have perked their ears in the direction of TIerra Oscura and all the commercial potential the new road offers to the calmest most protected bay in the archipelago, there are talks of a new water taxi route offering a public transport to the area, as well as parking lots for the outer island residents to keep their cars.The road is still in the making, and will continue to the communities of Aguacate, and Sharkhole, located further down the Tierra Oscura peninsula…murmurs of a bridge connecting the mainland to Loma Partida Island, and then another to Popa Island, are buzzing about the communities, but where this road will stop….nobody knows!


The Land

2 hectares of newly road accessible land on the continental coast of Bocas del Toro. The land slopes down in 2 valleys from the new road forming two ridges which offer beautiful views of the Cordillera mountain range and in certain areas, views of the Caribbean sea. Mid way down one of the valleys is a perennial freshwater spring!


The Dream

The Road Accessible Valley Ridge is perfect for: A home with a view! 10 minutes from the sea, and 5 minutes from the highway, this property would be a lovely place to enjoy the best of Bocas’ worlds, with a heck of a good view! This place calls for a natural rock pool to collect the spring water for your very own valley cool tub!

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