15 Hectares with Deep Water Bay

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$ 610,000

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15 Hectares With Deep Water Bay Ocean Frontage, And A Pathway To The Exotic Wizard Beach

Isla bastimentos is still for the most part wilderness, but there are a few hot spots where humans have moved in. Old Bank is one of the older settlements on the island which dates back to before Columbus’ discovery of Isla Bastimentos in 1504. The deep water bay here is completely protected from the open ocean and has served as a safe zone for fisherman and sailors for centuries. These days, Old Bank is popular for its afro caribbean flare, farm to table tours, and permaculture farms and of course it is the gateway to the beautiful Wizard Beach.
The Access
A 10 minute boat ride from Bocas town ,where the airport is located, the Wizard Beach Gateway property is accessible by 2 entrances on its waterfront. One is a dock located on the  South border of the property, the second access is via a small beach in the center of the waterfront.
A trail to Wizard beach passes by a few farms before reaching the beach itself, the hike is 35 minutes, and absolutely worth every step!
The Land
The 15 hectares farm sits beyond the last buildings of Old Bank, it is  sandwiched between the port of a massive permaculture project and the iconic over the water hotel, Eclipse del Mar. The land is a nice mix of pastoral land near the water’s edge backed by hectares of pure wilderness.
The seafront of the property is mostly protected by mangroves and ranges almost 200 meters. The small central beach boasts westward views, providing an unobstructed sunset view. A freshwater creek runs through the property which could be landscaped into ornamental ponds.
The property has a number of hills with sea views, which had inspired the current owners to plan a eco-retreat on the property with a pool and common space. The designs are generously included in the sale.
The Dream
The 15 Hectares with Deep Water Bay Property is perfect for an eco-resort or permaculture farm
Take inspiration from the success of the neighbors, Eclipse del Mar is a perfect example of off grid over the water luxury, while the Utopian Permaculture project on the other side shows just what is possible when you join forces with the jungle.

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