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The Phenomenal Economic Development Of Panama

The economic development of Panama is very promising to say the least – increasing it’s GDP by almost 600% in just one generation is quite remarkable. It is no wonder that Panama has emerged to be one of the most solid economies in Latin America, its construction industry and real estate market being extremely profitable to investors. Mining precious metals like gold, silver, copper and molybdenum is one of Panama’s stable sources of income – besides the Panama Canal of course, where about 4-6% of all global cargo ships pass through! Pristine mountain landscapes, rainforests, pretty beaches and clean sea water have made Panama a popular holiday destination as well, this is definetely a country you should visit!

Business-Friendly Taxes & Regulation

Due to fairly resonable rates of regulation and liberal financial politics, Panama has attracted a lot of investors from around the globe while relatively low taxes within the country further encourage business activity and help push Panama’s GDP continuously upwards! Being a country that has specialized in financial services and has a thriving banking sector, Panama will remain welcoming for businesses and investors – especially those from abroad! With countries like Belize enacting similar financial politics and opening up their economy to foreign investors, the Latin American continent has a lot of potential, ready to expressed.

A Bright & Safe Future For Panama & Latin America

Often misunderstood for its past, Latin America is transforming itself into a safe investment opportunity. Law & Order are increasingly being pushed forwards by local governments and the entire continent is becoming ever more secure for investors, businesses and tourists! Panama is surely well prepared for the decades to come. While the Panama Canal guarantees the country a strategic position within the global trading system, its newly constructed second terminal now helps Panama’s Tocumen airport to transport approximately 25 million passengers a year, a promising development for the tourism industry as well as Panama’s business sector and will increase the economic development of Panama even further. Besides having huge underground reserves of copper and one of the largest copper mines in the world, Panama also happens to sit on top of furtile farmland. Being abundant in natural resources and important elements for future technologies, the economic development of Panama has a bright future!
economic development of panama

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