Welcome To Nicaragua!

What You Need To Know About Nicaragua

Often misunderstood because of its past, Nicaragua is transforming itself into a safe, friendly country with warm people that is rapidly attracting international vacationers, eco-tourists, retirees, and investors from all over the world. Travelers are drawn to its pristine beaches, inland lakes, volcanoes, and the largest tract of primary growth rain forest north of the Amazon. Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America, with approximately 6 million inhabitants and closer to the U.S. and Canada than Panama or Costa Rica. Often referred to as “The Next Costa Rica”, Nicaragua is being discovered as not only an amazing vacation destination, but also as an excellent place to own a vacation or retirement home.

Real Estate & Crypto In Nicaragua

Both Nicaragua’s real estate market and its tourism sector have witnessed a major upswing in the past decades and will continue growing! Adopting crypto as a means of payment and doing business in the country will further help boost Nicaragua’s economy in the future.

Gran Pacifica Beach & Golf Resort

Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort prides itself on having something for everyone. Whether you are interested in a sprawling estate right on the beach, a small comfortable casita within a few-minute walk from the ocean, an eco-friendly solar powered home, a beachfront condo directly in front of one of the best surf breaks in Central America, or a more standard home within one of our several communities, there are options for every taste. Gran Pacifica Nicaragua currently hosts 7 different communities and further expansion is already in progress!

The Future Of Crypto In Nicaragua's Real Estate Market

With all the natural beauty of the country, the spectacular sites to see, and incredibly friendly people, it’s hard to believe how inexpensive it is to visit the country or own property in Nicaragua. As more and more tourists and expats discover the country, we expect the prices of property will rise continously  as they did in neighboring Costa Rica. Crypto adoption is coming to Central America, it is just a matter of time. Panacrypto offers you the exclusive opportunity to purchase land and real estate with crypto in Nicaragua today!