Welcome To Belize!

The Exciting Features Of Belize

Besides having English as its official language, Belize has many arguments why you should be interested in investing in it. Next to Panama, Belize has one of the most stable banking sector and strict investor protection in Latin America – this and its close proximity to the United States have made Belize an attractive location to do both business and vacation. Belize is a country of contrasts – besides the stunning natural landscapes, clean beaches and crystal blue Carribean waters, Belize also offers a highly profitable real estate market to investors and its tourism industry is booming!

The Future Of Real Estate & Crypto In Belize

Belize is home to a number of amazing development projects – everything from hotels and resorts to sustainable, high end eco villages and stylish modern homes. All projects and properties can be invested in with Bitcoin and all major crypto currencies!

marriott ambergris caye belize
Marriott Ambergris Caye

Marriott is well known for its ambitious and sometimes extravagant projects. Their new expansion to Belize is a sign to investors that even big global players are making their moves to Latin America and the Carribean.

TES Eco Village

The self sufficient and eco-friendly TES Village is located in the western part of Ambergris Caye, private and away from the crowds. The Village was built with the highest sustainability and longevity standards available!

grand baymen gardens belize
Grand Baymen Gardens Resort

Also located in Ambergris Caye, the Grand Baymen Gardens Resort is an exclusive community with great amenities and protected privacy just a stone’s throw away from Belize’s most beautiful beaches in the Carribean!

The Future Of Crypto In Belize's Real Estate Market

With numerous construction and development projects already in progress, Belize continues to attract big businesses, corporations and private investors from around the world. Liberal financial politics, strict investor protection and a strong banking sector make Belize the perfect fit for many individuals – not just for wealthy people. The construction of affordable and self sustaining housing projects like the TES Village is on the rise as Belize aims to provide options for almost any income class. Further, the adoption of crypto in Belize seems to be not too far in the future – at Panacrypto, it is already here!