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Countryside Real Estate In Panama - Boquete & Chiriqui

When looking to buy countryside real estate in Panama, Chiriqui is a great place to invest into a property. The climate is fantastic and there are many different types of homes available for sale – from beachfront & mountainview houses to land and luxury estates. Wether you’re looking for a place to retire or simply want to buy a property as an investment or secondary residence, Chiriqui has something to offer for everyone. Especially the small mountain town of Boquete is attracting more and more expats from the USA and Canada every year.

Chiriqui is a great place to invest into real estate – a mild climate, fertile soil and stunningly diverse ecosystem attract more and more expats and retirees every year!



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The Chiriqui Province - Panama's Green Heart

The countryside of Chiriqui is known for its mild climate, beautiful mountains and fertile green landscapes. This is one of the reasons why expats from the US and Europe are drawn here – as well as investors from across the globe that are looking for real estate, farmland or development properties with high potential for future growth. Besides Chiriqui’s natural beauty and affordable land prices, due to the volcanic soil it sits on, it is also home to some of the most profitable coffee and crop farms in all of Central America. Boquete and Chiriqui truly are the best places to go when looking for countryside real estate in Panama!

Boquete & Countryside Real Estate In Panama

Boquete is a small but stunningly beautiful mountain town in Chiriqui – about 60km from the border to Costa Rica and sitting at the base of Volcan Baru. At 1,200m of elevation, it offers relatively mild climate to its residents; another reason why western expats enjoy it here so much. The landscape of the “Valley of Flowers”, where Boquete is nestled in, looks almost like a fairy tale scenery – lush green hills, an abundance of fresh water, rivers and plant species make you forget about the busy nature of everyday life. If you have found a home that is not currently listed on this marketplace but you want to purchase it with crypto, feel free to tell us about it anytime!